Some Pig
S3 episode 12 Aired on January 25, 2012

The cat is finally out of the bag: Divya has confessed to Hank about working on the sly at Hamptons Heritage and the near-fatal mistake she made with Kassabian's medication. But Hank's lack of reaction-unless one can call his constant hovering over her and second-guessing of her diagnoses a "reaction"-is almost worse than if he reprimanded or even fired her.

The tension between Hank and Divya is certainly palpable as they treat an up-and-coming band in town for a music festival for what seems like a contagious illness striking down one band member at a time. But as each test proves inconclusive, Hank and Divya must get back on the same team if they want to figure out what's wrong with their patients before it's too late.

While Evan and Paige "play house" at Fort Hill while the General is away, Evan comes down with a case of the hives, a reaction he attributes to stress. He begins to worry that his body is telling him something about being engaged to Paige, which, unfortunately, is only making the hives worse. Or could it all be due to something the dogs dragged in-literally?

Jack's test results finally come back and the news is much worse than Hank feared: not only does Jack have lupus, but also the disease is far more advanced than Hank first thought. Could this be the end of Jack's pro golf career?