A Farewell To Barnes
S3 episode 11 Aired on January 18, 2012

With art dealer Eric Kassabian in a coma and back in the emergency room, Hank lashes out at Dr. Van Dyke for giving Kassabian the wrong medication and putting his life on the line. Van Dyke denies Hank's accusation but covers for the person whom he has deduced is responsible: Divya. Instead of reporting her, he tells her what she has done and gives her some time to figure out how she wants to handle this awful situation. If Divya admits to her wrongdoing, then Hank will also know that she's been moonlighting at Hamptons Heritage. And if Kassabian recovers, he could sue the hospital for medical malpractice. After Divya confesses to Jill, Jill has no choice but to put Divya on leave until an internal investigation is conducted.

Hank is also keeping tabs on Lucy Walker, a tireless party planner who isn't letting issues with her stomach stop her from throwing the biggest Divorce Party the Hamptons has ever seen. But what Hank doesn't realize is that Jill is planning to "divorce" him so she can move on with her life and finally go to Uruguay as planned. Hank agrees that it's best if they break up-that is, until professional golfer Jack O'Malley returns for a sponsor-mandated physical and sets his sights on Jill.

And at long last, Evan and Paige are officially engaged, despite a newly given and a newly revoked blessing from the General.