A Little Art, A Little Science
S3 episode 10 Aired on August 31, 2011

Despite the continuing tension between the Lawson brothers and the General's moratorium on Hank having any contact with his family, Evan asks Hank to help Paige's mother Ellen with her depressive disorder. Hank not only agrees but also returns to Brooklyn Heights Mercy Hospital, where he used to work in the ER, to consult with an old colleague and friend, Dr. Abby Burton. When General Collins finds out that everyone has gone behind his back to arrange for his wife to get shock therapy, he's outraged. But can he see past his stubbornness to support his wife and allow her the hope she desperately needs to go on? And will this finally be the thing to bring Evan back into the HankMed - and the Lawson family - fold?

Jill has finally found a great candidate to take over her post at Hamptons Heritage. Soon she'll be free to go back to Uruguay. But does she still want to?

Divya has been running herself ragged trying to keep up her ruse of working two jobs. But when she must shuttle back and forth between her duties for HankMed with a demanding celebrity patient who's in the hospital for a minor procedure and an extra shift at the hospital at the same time, even the hyper-efficient Divya realizes she may have pushed herself too far. While she doesn't exactly blow her cover, she does make a mistake - one that could be fatal for Eric Kassabian, the big time art collector who bought Paige's drawing, and ruin HankMed's reputation forever.