S3 episode 1 Aired on June 29, 2011

The summer season has barely begun when Hank, Evan and Divya must spring into action after a Jitney unsuccessfully bypasses a Lamborghini. Thankfully there are no fatalities, but Hank has to think fast to save the bus driver who was impaled by a piece of glass in the crash. And Hank's new client, Judy, won't let her curious symptoms prevent her from throwing her annual party - especially since this is her first year hosting without her now ex-husband.

Spending the winter in Ms. Newberg's house has been great, but now that she's back, Hank and Evan are ready for their independence again. When Boris calls Hank because Marisa seems to have gone into labor, he apologizes for evicting Hank and Evan from the Shadow Pond guesthouse. Boris offers Hank a real lease and a place back in his good graces, both of which he gladly accepts.

Divya may have avoided a car crash of her own by not marrying Raj, but her parents don't see it that way. Meanwhile, Evan excitedly awaits Paige's return from one of her many glamorous trips. But after several delays, he begins to worry that perhaps she has moved on. Jill is back from Uruguay with big news for Hank but it's not exactly what he expected - or was hoping - to hear.