In Vino Veritas
S2 episode 6 Aired on July 15, 2010

Hank is summoned to a local winery by client Tucker Bryant, who has some concerns about his childhood friend, Oliver Ambrose. Oliver has been showing some odd symptoms and Tucker, all too familiar with the signs of substance abuse, is worried that his friend may be heading down that path. Hank isn't so sure that's the problem, but he does suspect that something - other than just being a teenager - is causing Oliver's fatigue and erratic behavior. 

At the launch party celebrating the Ambrose family's new biodynamic wines, Hank tends to Tucker and Oliver while Evan - who, thanks to a little misunderstanding, has some concerns about Divya's physical condition - sticks close to Divya. After discovering what might be the closest thing Evan has to a superpower, winemaker Kim enlists Evan's help in tasting her product. But while observing Kim, Divya begins to fear that the headaches Kim has been attributing to stress could in fact be symptoms of something far more serious. 

When a crisis occurs while Divya, Evan and Jill are at the hospital with Kim, Hank finds himself forced to think on his feet and accept help from a most unlikely source - his father, Eddie. But will the estranged duo be able to set aside their differences long enough to come to the aid of Hank's ailing patients?