Keeping The Faith
S2 episode 3 Aired on June 17, 2010

When Hank comes to the rescue of an ailing stranger, he lands a huge new client, literally, the guy is enormous, an actor known for his performance as the "Trashman" in a gruesome series of films. Donald (aka the Trashman) has been experiencing some troubling symptoms, and enlists the help of the HankMed team to get to the bottom of the medical mystery. 

While Hank and Divya attempt to diagnose Donald, Evan attempts to not get beaten to a pulp by him. It seems Donald's sister-cum-manager Faith has her sights set on Evan, and though he's not usually one to turn away an attractive woman, he can't help but feel threatened by Faith's protective brother - not to mention Faith's strange behavior. And Evan isn't the only Lawson brother feeling threatened by Donald: though he and Jill have ended things, Hank is having trouble adjusting to the idea of Jill getting close to another man - especially if that man is a huge movie star whom Jill affectionately calls "Donnie." 

While Hank and Evan cope with their romantic complications, their father Eddie is creating some of his own: despite Hank's wishes, Eddie is not only sticking around, but romancing HankMed client Ms. Newberg. With Eddie causing tension at home, Donald's condition worsening, and his sister beginning to show troubling symptoms of her own, it's going to take all of Hank's skills, and maybe a little faith, to keep things from ending in disaster.