S2 episode 2 Aired on June 10, 2010

The Lawson brothers have found themselves with an unexpected houseguest: their estranged father, Eddie R. Lawson. But just because dear old dad has come bearing a restitution check doesn't mean Hank is ready to welcome him with open arms. (In fact, a closed fist is more like it.)


While Evan tries to bring his brother around, Hank focuses on a new patient: Blake Newberg, beloved stepdaughter of HankMed client Ms. "Newparts" Newberg. The pressure to keep up with her young, yoga-teaching boyfriend seems to be taking a toll on Blake's health, and Hank is worried her heart may not be able to handle the stress. 

And as it turns out, Blake's affairs of the heart aren’t the only ones causing problems. Jill is having a yard sale to rid herself once and for all of her ex's old junk, and Divya is starting to worry about her compatibility with Raj. Even Hank's newest patients, the Tanners, a couple with mysterious rashes, are coping with romantic strife.

As usual, it's up to Hank to help his patients with their medical problems, and their personal ones. But with Eddie sticking around and things more complicated with Jill than ever, the question is: who's helping Hank with his?