Listen To The Music
S2 episode 18 Aired on February 24, 2011

After being booted from Shadow Pond by Boris, Hank and Evan have set up temporary shop in Ms. Newberg's kitchen. It's the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with their father before he ships off to prison in a few days. Unless, of course, Eddie's got something else up his sleeve... 

Also preparing to report for duty is Divya, who's wrapping up her affairs at HankMed before leaving for her new life in London. Maybe the pre-wedding tango boot camp she and Raj are attending will help ease tensions between the two - that is, if their tango instructor, Niko, isn't too sick to teach.


While Divya treats Niko, Hank is called in to help Jill's potential new boss, millionaire philanthropist Ben Richards, control an episode of his MS. But the more time Hank spends with Ben, the poster child for living with MS, the more he starts to question his new patient's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Divya is wondering if there's something more to Niko's illness than meets the eye. 

Whatever the future holds for Ben, Niko, and the HankMed team, one thing is for sure: some big decisions will have to be made. Will Eddie R. face the music and head to jail? Will Divya go through with her wedding? Will the Lawson brothers find a new home? Or will the end of summer be the end of HankMed as we know it?