Fight Or Flight
S2 episode 17 Aired on February 17, 2011

On a Hamptons airfield, Hank encounters Jess an old acquaintance and ex-Wall Street trader attempting to give up her workaholic ways. But Jess's attempts at normalizing her life aren't working out quite as she'd hoped -- in fact, she's never felt worse. Is it just the adjustment to her new life that's causing Jess's troubling symptoms, or could it be something much more dangerous? 

As it turns out, Jess isn't the only one whose career is causing anxiety. When Raj nearly misses a pre-wedding party in New York, Divya begins to grow increasingly concerned about the toll his job could take on their relationship. Meanwhile, Jill is presented with a new job opportunity that could potentially take her far from Hamptons Heritage. 

And it looks like Jill might not be the only one on the move. Boris and Marisa are having some difficulties seeing eye-to-eye on the subject of their baby-to-be, and when Hank encourages Boris to stay open-minded, his mercurial landlord is anything but receptive to Hank's advice. Could this be the end of the Lawson brothers' stay at Shadow Pond?