A History Of Violins
S2 episode 15 Aired on February 3, 2011

Hank's newest patient, 14-year-old musical dynamo Natalie Williams, is suffering from a sore throat, stomach issues, and a mean case of teenageritis. And Natalie's parents are facing problems of their own, what with Natalie's adolescent rebellion and their ongoing feud with their next door neighbor -- who, as it turns out, happens to be none other than Paige's somewhat fearsome father, The General. 

While Evan has managed to work his way back into Paige's good graces (though perhaps not her father's), the rest of the HankMed team is having more relationship difficulty: news about Adam's health inspires Divya to reconnect with her former flame/patient, which only further complicates her feelings, and Hank is disturbed to learn that Emily is secretly treating his father. 

Before Hank can deal with Emily and Eddie, he's got to tend to his new patients. When a historic outbuilding on the property line shared by the Williams family and The General explodes, their not-so-neighborly feud reaches new heights. Unfortunately, buildings aren't the only things in trouble in the area -- Natalie's health is growing worse, and The General is showing some surprising symptoms of his own. Hopefully Hank will be able to help them all before anything else goes up in flames...