Pit Stop
S2 episode 14 Aired on January 27, 2011

A new reality show called "Share House: The Hamptons," featuring fame-hungry twentysomethings cavorting drunkenly, is filming next door to Jill. There goes the neighborhood - and Jill's hopes of getting any sleep at night. 

While coming to her aid, Hank witnesses an accident at the share house, and makes a dramatic aquatic rescue of one of the cast members. Soon he and Divya are paying another call to the house, where resident Craig is showing some strange symptoms. An embarrassing admission from Craig points the HankMed team in the right direction, but will they be able to get to the bottom of Craig's medical mystery in time to save him - and his housemates?

Meanwhile, all the television cameras are inspiring Evan with an idea: a Hank-centric reality show. Unfortunately for Evan, Hank doesn't have much - or, more accurately, any - interest in becoming a TV star. He's much too busy trying to heal his patients, including Marisa Casseras, whose reasons for keeping her pregnancy a secret from Boris are becoming increasingly clear to Hank. And Emily's return to the Hamptons also means that Hank has some thinking to do about the future of his relationship - and his company.