S2 episode 13 Aired on January 20, 2011

After his heart attack, Eddie R. Lawson is rushed to Hamptons Heritage, where Hank and the hospital staff manage to stabilize him. Following his near-death experience, Eddie swears that he's a changed man, and vows to tell his sons the truth about what he's been up to. While Hank insists that his father first focus on getting better, that's not good enough for Evan, who decides to get to the bottom of things by paying a visit to Eddie's lawyer. 

With Eddie recuperating in the hospital and Evan occupied elsewhere, it's back to business for the HankMed team, who are signed up to provide medical support at a local charity golf tournament. While Hank and Divya tend to the injured, Divya does her best to put her personal life back in order. Still grappling with her feelings after her kiss with Adam, she ignores his texts and calls, and makes plans to visit her fiancé Raj in London. But when Adam shows up at the golf course to talk to her, Divya has no choice but to face him - and her feelings. 

As it turns out, the tournament is also bringing out a new side of Jill - the fiercely competitive side. Jill, who's matched up with could-have-been-a-contender Jack O'Malley, a journeyman player who botched his big chance at the Open, is determined to bring home the trophy. Hank can't help but notice the undeniable attraction between Jill and Jack, but it's another observation that has him more concerned: the painful, debilitating condition affecting Jack's hands. And just when it seems Hank has Jack's condition under control, Jill begins to show some very troubling symptoms of her own. 

Will Divya finally manage to sort out her romantic life? Will the Lawson brothers manage to forgive their father? And will Hank be able to help Jack and Jill? Here's hoping. Because in life, unlike in golf, there are no mulligans.