Big Whoop
S2 episode 11 Aired on August 19, 2010

It's Evan vs. Emily Peck in the battle for Hamptons concierge doctor internet dominance. When he discovers Emily's online maneuvers to siphon off potential HankMed clients - and learns that his brother has been sleeping with the enemy - Evan enlists the help of his distracted father to come up with a strategy for retaliation. 

Also spending way too much time strategizing about insignificant things is Stanley, a reclusive young process server with an abiding passion for war-simulation video games, who turns to the clinic when he finds himself for once facing a real threat to his health. He's not the only one coming under fire: Dr. Blair and the hospital board have enlisted Stanley to serve Jill and the clinic with a cease and desist order. Jill manages to persuade Dr. Blair to back down by dropping Boris's name, but her ultra-private anonymous donor doesn't take kindly to losing his prized anonymity.

Equally ill-tempered is new HankMed client Dr. Harrison Phillips, a renowned retired surgeon who's doing his best to prove the maxim that doctors make the worst patients. When Hank calls Emily in for a consultation, the two doctors find themselves at odds, and their patient's condition grows increasingly threatening. But though tense, the experience of working with Dr. Peck does inspire Divya - who has been interviewing candidates to replace her when she leaves for London - to reconsider her position on Emily, and to come up with an idea that could potentially mean big changes for HankMed.