Whole Lotto Love
S2 episode 10 Aired on August 12, 2010

When good-hearted North Dakotans Ginnie and Roy win the lottery, they learn a valuable lesson: money can't buy you love, or happiness, or even health - but it can buy you an enormous mansion in the Hamptons. But as they both start showing some strange symptoms, Roy begins to fear that they're falling under the notorious lottery curse, and Hank has to do his best to soothe his new patients' symptoms - and their irrational fears. 

Meanwhile, Hank and Divya take on another new case, treating the stomach pains of a much-loved housekeeper named Tali. And just when it seems she's finally managed to dispel her doubts about her impending marriage to Raj, Divya finds herself undeniably drawn to Tali's employer, stand-in son, and kidney donor, Adam. 

Unfortunately, Divya isn't the only one struggling with conflicting feelings. When Eddie shows up to celebrate Evan's birthday - three days late, but hey, who's counting? - he plants the seed of doubt in Evan about his future with heiress Paige. And while Hank is glad that his father seems to have come through on Evan's birthday, he still can't help but be wary of Eddie's true motives. The Shadow Pond letterhead he finds at Eddie's house only affirms his fears that Eddie is up to no good, and though Hank well knows that Boris is a man not to be trifled with, his warnings to his father may be falling on deaf ears. 

Whether Boris suspects Eddie of anything is unclear, but for now the mysterious billionaire is distracted by the planned defection of his Cuban doctor and paramour, Marisa. When her plans go awry, Boris may be forced to face the hard truth that even his money can't buy everything...