S2 episode 1 Aired on June 3, 2010

The day after Divya's engagement party, HankMed seems to be back to business as usual. The only hitch? The man who puts the Hank in HankMed is MIA. As Boris and Divya try to track him down, Hank heads to New York City on his own search mission: to find Evan - who's gone looking for their father and the missing HankMed money - and bring him home. 

While Hank's mission proves fruitless, Divya seems to have matters under control with new patient Spencer Fisher, aka Spencer the Spaz, a wildly successful infomercial salesman. But when Hank returns to the Hamptons, he and Divya find themselves repeatedly called to Spencer's house to help their new patient out of a series of escalating medical crises. And Spencer's not the only one in a precarious condition: with its finances in shambles, HankMed is on life support, and Jill is facing problems of her own at work, where her complicated personal life has left the hospital board wondering about her decision-making abilities. 

With Spencer's medical predicaments becoming increasingly life-threatening, Hank and Evan on the outs, and the company's financial situation dire, the question is, will Hank, Evan and Divya be able to save Spencer the Spaz and HankMed?