It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again
S1 episode 9 Aired on August 6, 2009

Jill has asked Hank to volunteer his services at a swank Hamptons horse show that's a fundraiser for her medical clinic, despite the fact that their relationship status is unclear. Naturally, Evan seizes the opportunity to drum up new business for HankMed. Divya, however, is not only taking the day off to compete, but also to put on her own show for her parents who have come to watch her ride. She's hoping that through some fancy footwork, involving Evan and some tall tales, her parents won't catch on that she has been lying to them about her secret life as a Physician's Assistant. But when her father is stung by a wasp and has a serious allergic reaction, hiding her training is no longer an option. 

Meanwhile, Hank plays hardball with Dan, the stable manager, and Beth, his 15-year-old daughter who won't drop out of the competition after Beth has fallen off her horse. Jill tells Hank that Dan was caught up in a performance-enhancing drug scandal a couple of summers ago. This piece of news raises Hank's suspicions that what's really going on with Beth is more than a case of performance anxiety. 

Much to Jill's displeasure, her ex, Charlie Casey, reappears in the Hamptons with the intent of sticking around. Unwittingly, Hank helps Charlie with some minor wounds after Charlie had been run off the road on his motorcycle. But what really bums out Hank is finding out that Jill and Charlie aren't technically divorced, which makes a messy situation between them that much messier.