The Honeymoon's Over
S1 episode 8 Aired on July 30, 2009

Just when the employees of HankMed think they have seen it all, they encounter their most bizarre case yet. Yesterday, Alan Rybar, a wealthy yet nebbishy thirty-something entrepreneur married his blushing bride Rachel, a gorgeous young swimsuit model, in their indoor tropical rain forest that was created specially for the occasion. Unfortunately, the newlyweds haven't been able to start their honeymoon because Alan's allergies have been acting up. Or, at least, that's what Alan wants his new wife to think. When he gets Divya alone, he confides that he has been having pain "down there," which he thinks must be a kidney stone. What finally shows up on the X-ray stuns Divya so badly that she literally walks out on the patient without an explanation. How could she possibly tell her client that there's a tiny fish stuck in his penis? 

When Jill asks Hank to help her convince a heart patient to stay put in the hospital, Hank unintentionally winds up with a new client, and a miffed Jill, on his hands. On top of that, Chuck Sutherland, a famous children's book illustrator who collaborates with his writer wife Patty, is not an easygoing guy. He refuses to take his heart meds because he claims that they diminish his creativity and he's on deadline to finish their latest book. And Evan isn't happy because the couple can't pay HankMed's fees until Chuck and Patty receive the rest of their book advance. The only way to help Chuck is through Patty. He just hopes she isn't as stubborn as her husband.