Crazy Love
S1 episode 7 Aired on July 23, 2009

Jill is thrilled when her best friend Katie shows up at Shadow Pond unexpectedly. However, the reason for her visit is business not pleasure. Boris, whom Katie met through Jill at his Memorial Day Weekend party, has agreed to fund Katie's medical research. That night, Boris calls Hank into the house to attend to an incident. Hank is shocked to discover that Katie has a shark bite. Boris claims it happened when Katie was swimming in the ocean but Hank's not buying it. Despite Hank's agreement to respect Boris's privacy, Hank begins poking around looking for the truth. Evan fesses up that he knows that Boris is keeping a shark in his house. But that doesn't answer the question why Katie was in that shark tank, or does it? 

Instead of celebrating Boris's birthday with a big party, he asks Hank to give him his annual physical. Unsurprisingly, Boris seems like he's in excellent shape. As a standard part of the exam, Hank takes Boris's blood and sends it to Hamptons Heritage Hospital for testing. After a strange conversation with Boris about Hank's initial seemingly benign findings, Hank requests a full analysis on the bloodwork. Before Hank can confirm his hunch, the bloodwork disappears from the hospital and Boris has taken off without a word or a way to reach him. Hank is now convinced that Boris is sick and that it's somehow all tied to the research that Katie is doing, and the shark in the basement. 

Meanwhile, Divya's fiancé Raj has arrived on the East End for a visit. But a medical case she's attending to for a crazy couple isn't helping her sort out her feelings about her pending nuptials.