If I Were A Sick Man
S1 episode 6 Aired on July 16, 2009

The first, and painfully awkward, morning after between Hank and Jill is thankfully cut short when Hank receives an emergency call from Ms. "Newparts" Newberg. Her faithful housekeeper, Esperanza, has been sick for a week but Ms. Newberg needs her well before her big party the next day. Hank determines that Esperanza has pneumonia and administers a treatment that should have Esperanza back on her feet soon - if she rests. But they all know that resting is not in Esperanza's vocabulary or her boss's for that matter. 

To thank him for his speedy and efficient efforts, Ms. Newberg invites Hank to attend the "Bark Mitzvah" she's hosting for her dog Koufax. But the joyful if a little ludicrous occasion takes a frightening turn when the hostess, the dog-of-honor and some of the guests start exhibiting the same symptoms as Esperanza, whose condition has worsened. Do Hank and Jill suddenly have some kind of viral outbreak on their hands? The only way to find out is to lockdown the estate and quarantine the sick until they can figure out what's going on. Of course, Hank doesn't anticipate how much flak he'll get from holding Hamptonites against their will. 

As Divya and Evan are tending to another patient out of the quarantine zone, Evan learns that Divya is engaged. She swears him to both secrecy and silence upon pain of death but Evan can't help prod her into telling him the deal. Divya grudgingly admits that she is about to marry a wonderful man. The only problem is she doesn't love him. Apparently arranged marriages are not a thing of the past in Divya's world.