TB Or Not TB
S1 episode 4 Aired on June 25, 2009

Hank and Divya are called in to one of the Hamptons’ hottest restaurants to give TB tests to the entire staff, per the new requirement by the health inspector. But the hard-working owner and head chef, Allison Moore, who has been burning it on both ends to get her new place established, may have a bigger health concern. She pulls Hank aside to confess that she recently experienced a strange “episode” during which her vision was temporarily blurred and she was disoriented. He speculates on what it could be but without tests, there’s no way to know for sure. Before he leaves, Hank manages to extract a less-than-convincing promise that she will slow down at least long enough to have a complete physical and neurological exam as soon as possible. And when another episode occurs, this time a lot worse, he and his HankMed team are left with a three-hour window to get Allison the treatment she needs before the damage to her system is permanent. 

Meanwhile, Evan and Divya have been at each other’s throats while working in the field, but Hank isn’t about to get in the middle of that one. Nor can he control Evan’s flagrant abuse of Boris’ hospitality, including Evan putting his nose where it doesn’t belong when a truck shows up at Shadow Pond with a mysterious delivery. Hank is having a hard enough time dealing with his impending  “ex-wedding day,” calls from his ex and trying to get a date with Jill.