There Will Be Food
S1 episode 3 Aired on June 11, 2009

Tucker, Hank’s wealthy teenage hemophiliac client, and his girlfriend Libby invite Hank and Divya to a retirement party on a massive East Hampton estate. Naturally, Evan tags along for the free drinks. Despite their low expectations for fun, the party turns out to be anything but a snoozefest. 

For starters, the soiree is being thrown in honor of a gorgeous ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet Company, Tess Premoli, who is retiring at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. Evan is immediately smitten and begins pursuit. Surprisingly, Tess is actually charmed by Evan and agrees to sneak out her own party to grab some “real” food with him. Everything’s going great until she suddenly passes out in his lap after eating a hot dog. Times like this it’s really helpful to have a brother who happens to be a doctor-on-demand.

Hank is pleasantly surprised to see Jill Flint at Tess’s party. Unfortunately, Jill is in a foul mood after an upsetting conversation with one of the party guests and too many glasses of wine. The next day, Hank learns the reason she drank herself into oblivion: her biggest investor pulled out of funding the free clinic she has always dreamed of opening. But when Hank asks Jill for some information on an uninsured patient whom he wants to help, he is shocked when Jill refuses to violate hospital policy. Weren’t they on the same page about bending the rules and working outside of the system?