S1 episode 12 Aired on August 27, 2009

As Divya and Raj do a final walkthrough at the property where their impending engagement party is scheduled to take place, Divya notices that one of the Hill sisters, who own and run the historic mansion, is having hallucinations and a suspicious cough. Divya immediately calls in Hank to help her play medical detective. Now he has to figure out why this somewhat eccentric but rather attractive young woman is suffering from these strange, possibly unrelated symptoms. Could it be the spirits of ancestors past? 

Meanwhile, Evan secretly goes into crisis mode when he discovers that all of HankMed's earnings have disappeared from the company coffers. He needs to recoup before Hank finds out. He and Hank are also worried that if Divya actually goes through with her marriage to Raj, chances are she'll move to London and HankMed will be down one very important employee. Could this be the end of HankMed? 

Charlie continues with his hard sell on Jill to give him a second chance, including moving back into their house, inferring that he might trade in his motorcycle for an actual car and cooking her delicious exotic meals. Jill asks Hank to be patient with her as she figures this out. But as much as Hank likes Jill, he can't promise he'll stick around forever - especially when there might be someone interesting waiting in the wings.