Nobody's Perfect
S1 episode 11 Aired on August 20, 2009

While Hank thinks that he has gone all the way to New York to help save Boris, it turns out Hank may need a little saving himself. Boris reveals that the Gardners are pressuring the state licensing board to revoke Hank's credentials. Hank wants to handle the matter on his own but Boris isn't about to butt out of Hank's business, just like Hank hasn't let the issue of Boris's mysterious illness go. Boris puts his cadre of lawyers on the case despite Hank's wishes because he has a vested interest in Hank keeping his medical license. Boris wants Hank to help him with his potentially terminal genetic disease that killed his father and his grandfather. Hank agrees as long as there are no more secrets between them. Unfortunately for Hank, Boris isn't exactly a tell-all kind of guy. 

Meanwhile, HankMed has a new client that is so famous (or more likely, infamous) that Evan and Divya won't find out who he or she is until the massive yacht they're on reaches the even bigger boat where their mystery client is located. Divya is highly suspicious of the situation. But the sheer number of zeros on the retainer check they were paid in advance has made Evan determined to see this through. But when they learn that their new client is a notorious Wall Street swindler who bilked billions from innocent investors and is hiding from the authorities in the safety of international waters, Evan has second thoughts. Too bad they can't turn the boat around, because the captain of the sailboat literally just had the wind knocked out of him by a falling sail and is in need of emergency medical attention. Now what?