Am I Blue?
S1 episode 10 Aired on August 13, 2009

When Hank shows up to Tucker's seventeenth birthday party, the surprise is on him. The party has been cancelled because Tucker's dad, Marshall, is flying in to celebrate with his son. The only problem is that Marshall seems to have started celebrating way before he even arrived at the house. Tucker confides to Hank that he thinks his dad has a problem with drugs and alcohol and begs Hank to get his dad into rehab. Fulfilling that birthday wish is easier said than done, since Marshall Bryant already thinks Hank interferes too much in his family's business. But when Tucker is hurt rushing down the stairs, Hank has no choice but to stick his nose in once again. 

Things over at the hospital are now fraught since Charlie Casey, Jill's not-so-ex-husband, is back on staff. Jill is torn between wanting to work with Charlie to realize their dream of building the clinic, and using Boris's blank check to do it, and wanting Charlie out of her life. Jill admits to Hank that she's the one who made Boris's blood work disappear from the lab at Boris's request. And now the money, which Boris meant as a thank you, feels tainted. In a last ditch effort to work things out with Jill, Hank asks her to drive with him to New York in the hopes of tracking down Boris. Jill declines, claiming that she and Charlie have to work late. So Hank sets off for the Big Apple alone.