S1 episode 1 Aired on June 4, 2009

Doctor Hank Lawson has the perfect life, complete with a beautiful fiancé and a promising job at a top New York City hospital. But it suddenly becomes a living nightmare when he chooses to save a neighborhood teen instead of a wealthy hospital patron because the teen’s situation was more urgent. After the patron dies, the hospital board fires Hank and threatens a lawsuit. As his professional prospects evaporate and bills start piling up, the former rising star becomes a recluse. Hank’s fiancé, Nikki, soon gets fed up and leaves him for good. Finally, Hank’s younger brother, Evan, convinces Hank to spend Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons in the hopes of getting him out of his slump. 

On his first night there, Evan drags Hank to an exclusive party, which they clearly haven’t been invited to, on the massive private estate of a mysterious mogul named Boris. Thanks to Evan’s ability to make even the most outrageous story sound plausible, they manage to get in. At the height of the festivities, Hank winds up saving the life of a sick girl who has been mistakenly diagnosed with a drug overdose by the presiding concierge doctor. 

Word spreads throughout the East End that there’s a new on-call doctor in town and Hank suddenly finds himself responding to calls from the area’s wealthiest residents: a teenager suffering from hemophilia who has been injured in a car accident, a wealthy woman with a leaky breast implant, and a girl who suffers from an internet-induced version of hypochondria. Also in pursuit is a savvy physician assistant, Divya, who insists that she help Hank set up shop in the Hamptons. Along the way, he meets the local hospital administrator, Jill Casey, whose interest in his story may be more than professional. 

Realizing that he has no job prospects in New York City yet suddenly a growing clientele in the Hamptons who are willing to pay big bucks for his services, Hank decides to give this concierge doctor thing a try with Evan as his business manager and Divya as an assistant. Little do they know, they ain’t seen nothing yet.