Leading one of the world's most powerful drug cartels isn't a job–it's a lifestyle. Although Teresa hasn't ascended the throne yet, as she rises through the ranks under Camila she's getting a taste of Queenpin life in all its glory: glamorous and gritty, dangerous and decadent, infused with the flavors of Mexico and the bold spirit of Texas. Immerse yourself in the power, culture and style of her new world, where life is high–and so are the stakes.


Fierce Females
  • Fierce Females
  • Fashion Queens
  • Life of a Queenpin

Women Who Rule

Move over guys: these badass ladies know how to lead, and they are two mujeres you do not want to mess with.
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Luxe Life

Grab a glass (or two) of tequila and get a taste of the Queenpin Life, a world of high fashion and high stakes, luxurious homes and decadent cuisine, infused with the flavors of Mexico and the bold spirit of Texas.

Power Style
  • Power Style

  • Royal Realty

  • Queen Culture


Leading a drug cartel isn't a game–but this is. Rise through the ranks, acquire power, wealth and luxury, and expand your empire. Play now.


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