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Meet the Founders
Founder Elin Dannersedt

Co-founder/CEO & beauty guru Elin Danerstedt revolutionized the DIY nail scene with her company NCLA, offering luxury nail products that effortlessly combine a love for everything fashion and beauty.

Founder Danna Kobo
Growing up in Hong Kong and New York, Danna was inspired by her nomadic lifestyle to create Shashi, an affordable high-end jewelry brand driven by the bond between friends and family.

Founder Regina Merson
Regina is a Mexican immigrant who started her career as a lawyer and six years later decided to leave all that behind to create a beauty brand, Reina Rebelde, that honors the complexities of her background.

Founder Lucia Rios
Lucia Rios is making a name for herself by offering cotton candy in the traditional flavors many Latinas grew up with, such as Horchata, Sandia con Tajin, and Purple Kool-Aid, with her unique company Twisted 4 Sugar.

Founder Melanie Marie White
A former nurse, Melanie Marie decided to follow her passion and start her own Jewelry line, Melanie Marie Jewelry, featuring pieces designed with the fashionable, contemporary yet classy woman in mind. She has since expanded her business by starting a youth empowerment and mentoring organization for young women.

Founder Jen Zeano
In today’s political climate, Jen wanted to create products that reminded Latinas of their natural power and courage. She started the brand from her one bedroom apartment with the help of her wife, Veronica.