Los Pecados de los Padres
S4 episode 9 Aired on August 1, 2019

There’s not much time left to stop Cheo from testifying and ruining all of Teresa, Gordo, Marcel and Lafayette’s business in New Orleans. Pote is on the case while Lafayette also has Emilia in custody. Will he find out who really killed his nephew Bardot? Find out in our guide to Queen of the South episode 409, “Los Pecados de los Padres.”

Not So Fast

Pote is packing up for Belize, but Teresa isn’t quite ready to run yet. Lafayette got Javier out of prison after the failed attempt on Cheo, but Teresa still thinks she can fix this and stay in New Orleans. Lafayette sends her after Cheo’s family to make sure he doesn’t testify.

Pote stakes out Nancy, a paralegal working the case. He waits in her home and threatens her family to find out where they’re keeping Cheo’s family. Pote kidnaps Luce and her son and takes them to Teresa.

Teresa calls Cheo and puts his son on the phone so he knows she really has them. She gives him the choice: Witness protection knowing he caused her to kill them, or prison for himself. Cheo refuses to testify. 

Driving Lessons 

Teresa finds Tony’s drawings of him killing Pote. To talk to him, she arranges to teach him to drive at New Orleans’ abandoned theme park. Tony admits he doesn’t intend to kill Pote, but he has nightmares about it and he draws them to get them out of his head. 

Gordo’s hit men find Teresa at the theme park and chase her into the abandoned fairways. Tony tries to shoot the hitman but misses. Javier finishes the job to save them both. At home, Pote tells Tony he is a man because he acted, even if he didn’t kill the hitman. Tony gives Pote a hug. 

Poor Emilia 

Lafayette has Emilia and is interrogating her to find out who killed his nephew, Bardot. Randall finds her earring matching the one found at the crime scene. Emilia gives up Boaz, rather than her new love Javier. That still falls back on Teresa though, as far as Lafayette is concerned.

Davis Stands Up, But Not Tall Enough

Davis sees his father Lafayette putting the $3 million Teresa gave him in the safe. Davis is suspicious this has to do with his cousin Bardot’s death. It actually doesn’t, but Davis is right to suspect his father is involved in bad business.

Davis finds Emilia and sets her free. He’s driving her to safety but stops when Randall and Lafayette pull him over. Randall takes Emilia into the woods. We hear a gunshot and see them bury her.

Angry Cousins

Boaz prepared a welcoming party but Emilia missed her flight. This makes Boaz angry, and suspicious of Javier. He calls Javier angry but doesn’t reveal his hand. He just suspects Javier, and he’s still inviting Javier to come back to Mexico and join Boaz against Teresa.