Secretos y Mentiras
S4 episode 8 Aired on July 25, 2019

Javier is in jail. A day before, he’s still covering his tracks for the murder of Bardot, while Teresa has to handle a snitch in Gordo’s operation and a territory dispute in Marcel’s. Find out how this all landed Javier in the slammer in our guide to Queen of the South episode 408, “Secretos y Mentiros.” 

Hard Time 

The episode opens with Javier being booked in prison. Did we miss something? Then it flashes back to 18 hours earlier so we can see what led up to this. Randall has tracked Bardot’s cell phone calls to Siete Gotas. He interview Javier, whom Teresa orders to cooperate with the investigation. 

Javier prepares Emilia to run if this goes south, and calls Boaz to update him. Boaz invites Javier to return to Mexico, and go to war with Teresa, but Javier’s not taking him up on that. 

Randall takes Javier to a bar where they have a man tied up and beaten in the back room. Javier says he doesn’t recognize him, and they kill the suspect anyway. When they bring Javier to Virgil’s junkyard, Javier texts Emilia to run. They find the paint and shards of tail light where Emilia backed into the dumpster and police arrest Emilia when they stop her car. That’s not how Javier got to prison though.

Call Him Ishmael

Gordo sends his man Ishmael to Siete Gotas. One of Gordo’s men, Cheo, is turning state’s evidence and will give up both Gordo and Teresa. So he needs Teresa’s help intercepting Cheo before he gets to custody.

Teresa picks a spot on the federal convoy where the least civilians are likely to be affected. Ishmael plants a bomb in a mailbox, but kills a mailman who interferes. Teresa isn’t worried about her winery or distillery. She’s cleaned it so the DEA won’t find cocaine there, but she still needs to keep Gordo and Ishmael from making trouble for her.

With Lafayette’s help, they get Javier into prison. Marcel left a shiv for him in the toilet of his cell, but it’s still not that easy. Some inmates recognize Javier as El Gallo and intercept him before Javier can take out Cheo. The guards take Cheo away to safety. 

Back to Business with Marcel

Teresa and Marcel both attend Bardot’s funeral . Lafayette threatens to kill the killer and their loved ones, but so far this week no one’s learned the truth about Javier, not even Teresa. At the cemetery, Davis visits his mother’s tomb. Marcel shares how she died under mysterious circumstances when Davis was a kid.

Marcel needs Teresa’s help with Oksana. She’s interfering with some of his associates’ business. Teresa meets with Shomari from Atlanta, who also wants in on Teresa’s product. She turns him down.

Educating Tony

Tony locks himself in his room and threatens to go back to Mexico. He confronts Teresa about making him live with Pote, whom he now knows killed his father. Teresa eventually tells Tony the truth, that his father and Guerro were stealing from their boss and essentially signed their own death sentences. Tony comes to live with Teresa.