Amores Perros
S4 episode 7 Aired on July 18, 2019

A lot happens on the road this week as Teresa faces an old foe who interrupts her romantic trip with Eddie. Tony and Poté hash things out on a hunting trip, and Javier goes to work ending the Bardot business once and for all. Find out how it all turns out for everyone in our guide to Queen of the South episode 407, “Amores Perros.”

A Deadly Stowaway

Teresa goes with Eddie to Nashville for an overnight trip. Pelon, the sicario who got away injured by Poté, follows them. When the hotel room bathtub faucet breaks, Pelon impersonates the maintenance man and has to kill the real maintenance man. The ambulance believes the maintenance man slipped and fell. 

Pelon uses Teresa’s VIP pass to get into Eddie’s concert and chases her. Teresa kills him with her bare hands (and a shard of glass) before she can find out who sent him.

Eddie’s Tragic Secret

Eddie shares his story of a late night recording session with Andre. Andre was going to sleep at the studio, but Eddie insisted on driving him home and fell asleep at the wheel. He hit a tree, killing Andre instantly. Teresa is the band member who’s no longer with us, whose music Eddie played for Teresa before. After sharing, Eddie thinks Teresa can’t imagine what it feels like to take a life. Uh huh. 

Javier Covers His Tracks

Javier sees Randall Green on the news about the search for Bardot, who is Lafayette’s nephew. So Javier goes to the junkyard to pick up his car, bribing the owner Virgil to let him have it without ID. There is blood leaking out the trunk, but Javier pretends it was an alligator he killed.

Ultimately, he has to kill Virgil when he sees the car on the news, and Emilia arrives just in time to see Javier in action. On the way home, Javier shoots a policeman who pulls him over, and torches the car with Bardot’s body inside. But Emilia left an earring at the scene and Randall finds it.

Boys Day Out

Tony complains Teresa won’t let him work for her or live with her.  Pote agrees to take Tony hunting to let him use a gun and hopefully bond. Pote shares stories about his own father taking him hunting, begging forgiveness for the lives he took. Tony isn’t too impressed, telling Pote he’s not his father.

At night, Tony takes aim at a deer. He considers aiming at Pote too but ultimately goes for the deer, bagging it in one shot. Pote teaches him to field dress the deer, which is a bit much for Tony, who gets sick. Back home, Tony makes another attempt on Pote with a pistol, but can’t go through with it.

Relationships Take Work

Seeing Javier embroiled in violence makes her think he’s just the same as Boaz. She considers leaving Javier and going back to Mexico, but Javier warns her Boaz will kill her, then come for him too. Emilia cries realizing she’s stuck in this world of violence. Back home, she asks Javier to forgive her and makes up with him.

Teresa, however, breaks up with Eddie. She never tells him why her life is so complicated, but it’s clear she’s doing it to protect him. Eddie thinks it’s because of his Andre story and he doesn’t quite get where Teresa is coming from.