La Mujer en el Espejo
S4 episode 6 Aired on July 11, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

Birdie’s fate is revealed as the war between Marcel and Teresa heats up. Will Teresa, her business associates, and her loved ones ever be able to find peace? Find out in our guide to Queen of the South episode 406, “La Mujer en el Espejo.” 

Justice for Birdie

Birdie is dead. She did not survive the stabbing Marcel ordered in retaliation for Bobby’s death. Poté is mad at Javier for not being there to protect her. Later, with Eddie, Teresa blames herself -- but Eddie doesn’t understand how it’s her fault. He attributes Birdie's death to random violence, but Teresa knows the truth. It was her business -- and her misunderstanding of Javier and Boaz’s departure -- that made her responsible for Bobby’s death in the first place. 

Javier’s Secret Is Out

Teresa finds out that Javier is involved with his cousin Boaz’s ex, Emilia. Javier is keeping her in New Orleans with him as a secret. Javier knows that if Boaz ever finds out, there'd be more bloodshed.

Peace In The Bayou 

Judge Lafayette intercepts Teresa and orders her to make peace with Marcel. Meanwhile, Marcel calls in a scorched-earth policy on Teresa and her people, hiring out of town assassins from Georgia. Lafayette’s men intercept Marcel outside of Teresa’s house, making good on the judge's promise of protection ... but not for long. Lafayette still plans to imprison Teresa once she makes him enough money to build his prison in the first place. Teresa has guards protect Eddie, too, to prevent any potential collateral damage in this war.

The Rat Unites Teresa and Marcel

Cedric rats out Teresa to Lafayette. Lafayette has enough on Cedric to send him back to prison for 10 years. So Teresa catches Cedric and sends him back to Marcel requesting a truce. Marcel is ready to kill Cedric, but Teresa suggests using him as a double agent against the judge.

This idea ultimately leads to a truce between Teresa and Marcel. Teresa also apologizes for not listening to Marcel’s side of the story. They team up against Lafayette and resume business, with Teresa supplying Marcel monthly inventory of product. She also gives Marcel reparations for Bobby’s family.

Poté Practices Santaria 

Poté goes to Oriate Crucita for a blessing on Teresa. Oriate says the santos told her Teresa doesn’t want protection, but rather, a reckoning. Poté survives a gunfight in which he is outnumbered by Marcel’s men, so he believes the protection spell is working.

Innocence Lost

Teresa really doesn’t want Tony in this life and tries to talk him out of it, but you know kids: You can’t stop them if they’re determined to grow up too fast. Tony overhears Poté talk to Kelly Anne about killing his father. Poté did as ordered back then, because Chino stole from his boss. Now Poté feels guilty -- but he's totally unaware Tony was listening. Will Tony want revenge?