Noche de las Chicas
S4 episode 5 Aired on July 4, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

The aftermath of the accidental killing of Bobby Leroux leads to more casualties for both Teresa and Marcel Dumas. Teresa has some new business with Oksana Volkova, and Pote and Kelly Anne surprisingly get down to business. Here’s our guide to Queen of the South episode 405, “Noche De Las Chicas.” 

Searching for Bobby Leroux 

Marcel begins his hunt for Bobby with Bobby’s girlfriend Brie and Carter, the “Tiger Man” she was sleeping with when Bobby went missing. Tracing Bobby’s last known whereabouts to his Thursday night poker game, Marcel’s men recognize George and Pote in surveillance video.

Teresa asks Judge Layafette to call Marcel off in order to keep their profits flowing. Lafayette wants more than the extra $10,000 Teresa offers, and he calls Marcel to allow him an eye for an eye, but no more. 

Someone spots Teresa in a club having a meeting and alerts Marcel. Teresa escapes Marcels gunmen that night, during which George shoots and kills Tic-Toc, Marcel’s newest and youngest recruit. Now down two men, Marcel retaliates by sending his men to stab Birdie. We hope she pulls through but we’ll have to wait ‘til next week to find out!

Look At The Trouble You’ve Caused

Teresa forces Javier to come clean about why he and Boaz were missing. Javier makes up a story that Boaz got drunk and got in a fight. He leaves out the two dead bodies, Bardot still in the trunk of his own car. Teresa orders Javier to bury Bobby and send Boaz back to Mexico. In the car, Boaz proposes they take over Sinaloa together. Javier promises Teresa his loyalty, but she wants to get a look at the text he just received. She senses something may be up.

Meeting Oksana

While she’s dealing with Marcel, Teresa tries to reschedule a business meeting with Oksana that El Gordo set up, but it’s too important. She meets Oksana at the club to discuss distributing her product in Atlanta, impressing her with her story of surviving the streets and building her business up in a man’s world.

Later that night, Oksana calls Teresa to accept her deal. With all this going on, Teresa had no time to accept Eddie’s FaceTime call. Eddie sent flowers to Teresa at Siete Gotas too. 

Poté Knows Best

Because of Marcel’s retaliation and because of Judge Lafayette’s visit to Kelly Anne and Tony, Pote beefs up security at home. Tony is still having PTSD from sicarios trying to kill him, so he takes Pote’s gun and runs out looking to join Teresa at war.

Pote finds Tony sitting on a bench. He agrees to let Tony have the gun if Tony knows how to use it safely, and Tony passes the test. When he returns home, Kelly Anne gives Pote a massage and it turns romantic. The PoteAnne ship is one we never expected! 

Bye, George

George is having a rough time with all the violence in New Orleans. When Teresa wants to give him time off, he requests more work to keep him occupied. After shooting Tic-Toc, Teresa sends George to look for backup safe haven. She sends him to Belize to scout it out, which will let George remain useful while getting a deserved break.