La Maldicion
S4 episode 4 Aired on June 27, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Teresa doesn’t get to enjoy her morning with Eddie when Marcel Dumas’s men hit Siete Gotas, while Boaz and Javier spend an entire day disposing of bodies from a fight -- leading to some violent misunderstandings. Tony and Kelly Anne also try to adjust to New Orleans in Queen of the South episode 404, “La Maldicion.”

Hostile Takeover

After Teresa cancelled her deal with Marcel, Bobby leads a hit on Siete Gatos. When they can’t make off with a shipment of liquid coke, they blast some bullets and leave a maldicion on the window as a curse. Dumas just declared war.

Welcome To The Jungle, Boaz and Javier

Javier and Boaz dispose of the bodies of Bardot and his friend they killed in the Siete Gotas bathroom. A hunter sees them dumping one body, so they spend all day in the woods looking for the hunter. All day, Boaz keeps pushing Javier, bringing up old jokes from when they were kids. He used to call Javier Mazapan when he was a heavy kid.

It’s nighttime by the time they kill the witness and Boaz opens up that he’s teasing Javier because he misses his cousin. Bardot’s body is still in the trunk of their car.

False Retaliation

While Javier and Boaz are out, Teresa worries they were taken in the Dumas hit. George and Manny go after Bobby at home, but someone else is there with Bobby’s girl. The “Tiger Man” gives up Bobby’s Thursday night poker game. George and Poté lure Bobby out. Of course, he doesn’t know about Boaz and Javier, but they interrogate him anyway.

George shoots Bobby during an escape attempt. Now, Teresa literally has his blood on her hands (and her white shirt is ruined, too!). Boaz and Javier return, with no idea what trouble they caused all day. 

Getting To Know Eddie

Teresa and Eddie bask in the afterglow of their second night together. At breakfast, Eddie tells Teresa how his father left their family and his mother had to work three jobs. He discovered music through a friend’s father in a church band. Teresa catches Eddie up on her immigration story, leaving out a few of details about shipping cocaine. Then she has to leave to take care of the Dumas business. 

Here Comes The Judge

Chicho tails Judge Lafayette and catches him with a prostitute. The judge spots his tail and isn’t worried about this info getting out. He claims it’s no secret when he comes to Poté’s house to intimidate Kelly Anne, where he catches a glimpse of Tony. Then the judge pays off some officials to authorize him to build a new prison -- all in a day's work.

Playing House With Tony And Kelly Anne

Tony has been having anxiety attacks, and he shares a recurring nightmare with Kelly Anne about a gunman killing him. She offers her faith in a higher power to make peace with the things she can’t change, and the courage to change what he can.

Kelly Anne also cooks for Poté ... and he pretends to like it.