Hospitalidad Surena
S4 episode 3 Aired on June 20, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Buying a shipping company can be really tough in New Orleans. Teresa Mendoza runs afoul of loan shark Joel Bouchet, which further entangles her with Judge Lafayette and Marcel Dumas. Plus, Teresa is reunited with Tony, but also an unexpected visitor. At least Eddie is back for some eye candy in episode 403, “Hospitalidad Surena.”

Ship Happens

Teresa checks with her banker in the Cayman Islands to make sure she has the funds to purchase a trucking company. He cautions her that an investigation is going to tie up her accounts, but that’s the least of her problems.

She wants to buy Salerno Transport, but Frank and Abbie Salerno borrowed from loan shark Bouchet, who now claims a 30% stake. Teresa offers to buy Bouchet out but he won’t leave the business, demanding he remain Teresa’s partner. Bouchet then beats up Frank Salerno and torches his truck, so Abbie cancels the sale.

Bouchet kidnaps Teresa and Pote. He threatens Teresa by showing off his gators, but Pote escapes and rescues Teresa. Now, Judge Lafayette stops them at a road block and insists on mediating between Bouchet and Teresa. The judge reveals his suspicions that Teresa is actually transporting narcotics, but he wants in. He kills Bouchet and takes the money Teresa offered Bouchet as “operating tax.”

Teresa suspects Dumas told the judge about her business interests. She assigns Chicho to tail Dumas to find some dirt and cancels her business with him. Dumas plays innocent about the whole thing. 

Grand Opening

Teresa thanks Birdie for not quitting after Raul held her hostage. Birdie says she likes working at a woman-owned bar, and she’ll stay out of Teresa’s other business. Siete Gotas opens -- and business is booming.

Boaz visits and brings Teresa a gun as a gift. He also brings the money he recovered from the thief in Sinaloa and assures Teresa she has his loyalty. Teresa says she needs to know she can rely on Boaz as he represents her in Sinaloa. 

Too Many Houseguests

Teresa visits Pote at home and greets Tony with a hug. Before Pote can warn her, she sees Kelly Anne too. Pote explains how James let Kelly Anne go, but she also saved Tony’s life. Plus, one of Cortez’s sicarios is still out there.

Kelly Anne prepares to leave, but Tony asks Teresa to let her stay. Kelly Anne apologizes and says she wants to make amends with Teresa. Teresa still can’t trust Kelly Anne and tells her to stay away from her and her business, but leaves it up to Pote whether to let Kelly Anne stay as guest in his house.

Meet Davis Lafayette

Davis interrupts a meeting between Judge Lafayette and Rene Bardot. He doesn’t seem to be doing well and Bardot mocks him behind his back. Later, the cops pull a disoriented Davis over and call the judge to take him home. Now we’ve learned one of the judge’s vulnerabilities.

Bardot Gets What’s Coming To Him

Bardot visits Siete Gotas and demands a VIP room. He refuses to leave at closing, and continues to mock Javier. Finally, in the bathroom, Javier beats Bardot unconscious. Bardot’s friend comes in and Javier drowns him in a toilet, with Boaz’s help. It’s unclear whether Bardot is dead or unconscious but either way this will be bad for Teresa.

Second Date with Eddie

Eddie’s band plays Siete Gotas but Teresa misses their set because she’s preoccupied with business. Later, she visits Eddie at home. He plays an old recording for her, featuring a friend of his who is no longer with us. Then they pick up where they left off two episodes ago.