Un Asunto de Familia
S4 episode 2 Aired on June 13, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Tony is missing while someone keeps leaving a trail of death. Raul and Teresa aren’t exactly best buds yet, and Marcel Dumas complicates business even more. Plus, two surprises from Teresa’s past return in Queen of the South episode 402, “Un Asunto de Familia.” We’ve got all the details in our episode guide!

Nice To See You Again

A flashback to Brenda’s baby shower lets us reminisce with old friends. Brenda reveals she’s having a boy, names him Tony, and asks Teresa to be godmother -- should anything ever happen to her or Chino. Of course, we know Brenda’s worries ultimately came true, making Tony Teresa’s responsibility. 

Hunt for Tony  

In the season premiere, Tony called Teresa in a panic, saying someone was going to kill him in his dorm. Now, Poté goes to Tony’s school in Texas. Some poor soul has been killed -- so Poté sneaks into the ambulance to see who died. The good news: It’s not Tony. Later, Poté learns the bad news: Tony’s tio was murdered in the bathtub. Teresa finds out about Tony’s uncle on Facebook. 

Guess Who’s Still Alive?

Poté eventually finds Tony and Kelly Anne Van Awken in the woods. He’s surprised to see Kelly Anne alive, but she explains that James let her go. Poté and Kelly Anne take out the killers in the woods and Poté learns they were a leftover contract from Cortez. Poté offers to let Lucy go again, but now she wants to face Teresa.

No Time For Love 

Eddie calls Teresa the day after their intimate piano lessons. He’s worried that he rushed things by kissing her but Teresa explains she’s worried about Tony. Eddie says she can call him if she needs his help, but Teresa knows this is a problem she has to solve her way. 

Badder Business Bureau

Marcel Dumas hijacks one of Teresa’s shipments and takes the driver hostage. He figures out the cocaine is actually in Teresa’s tequila when one of his men overdoses on it. Marcel calls Teresa for a meeting but he doesn’t want money. She has to sell to Dumas too, and she’s still in business with Raul. 

Teresa Comes Clean

Raul shows up at the bar, accusing Teresa again of ripping off his shipment. He forgives her because they are now in business, but threatens her if it ever happens again. Once Marcel hijacks the shipment, Raul suspects Teresa again. Plus, the driver is Raul’s nephew. 

Now Teresa has to come clean to convince Raul that she may have stolen from him once, but never a second time. Teresa is able to recover the shipment and save Raul, but she’s forced to make the deal with Marcel. 

A History Of Violence

Birdie and George spend most of the episode held hostage by Raul at the bar. After all the business is resolved, George and Birdie commiserate. Birdie reveals this wasn’t her first violent encounter. Her father ran numbers in the French Quarter, and she was a runner for him. It’s all in a day’s work now.