Vienen Por Ti
S4 episode 13 Aired on August 29, 2019

In the season finale of Queen of the South, Teresa Mendoza tries to take out Judge Lafayette once and for all. Can Teresa, Pote and King George save Javier and settle their business in New Orleans? Find out in our guide to Queen of the South episode 413, “Vienen Por Ti.”

Judge Not

Marcel encourages Teresa to work with Lafayette but Teresa decides it’s time for both of them to get out from under the Judge’s thumb. She wants to make his death look like a consequence of own crimes, to expose him to the city of New Orleans.

So Marcel introduces Teresa to Gina, one of Lafayette’s mistresses. Gina is happy to turn on the Judge since he holds her parole over her head. All Gina has to do is plant a vial of cocaine in Lafayette’ss jacket so his death looks like a drug deal gone bad. Unfortunately, when it goes down, Pote misses Randall and the cops arrive before he can take out the Judge.

Lest Ye Be Judged

Javier confesses to Teresa that he killed Rene Bardot, the Judge’s nephew. Teresa calls Lafayette who says he’ll consider a diplomatic resolution if she hands Javier over. She won’t. 

Marcel tells Lafayette he’s with him and sets Randall up for an ambush. Randall still gets away in the firefight. During the hit, George confronts Cedric, the man who killed Birdie for Marcel. Cedric convinces George to back away so they don’t repeat the same cycle of retaliation. 

Love’s Labor’s Lost

Davis takes Javier to Emilia’s body and tells him she tried to call him before Randall killed her over Rene’s murder. Javier digs up the shallow grave with his hands and cries for his lost love. Then Javier calls Boaz and admits he got her killed trying to hide her from Boaz.

Boaz wants to join Teresa in going after the judge, but Javier reminds him Teresa needs him in Miami. As George reported earlier, they’re taking over Miami quickly but their operation is not yet settled.

Blaze of Glory

After the second hit fails, Javier volunteers to be turned over to Judge Lafayette. Randall is ready to burn Javier alive in the trunk of their car, but Javier grabs Randall and takes him with him before the car explodes!

Davis Succumbs to the Pressure

Davis thinks bringing Javier to Emilia’s body is enough to stand up to the Judge. The Judge explains to Davis that Javier was actually Rene’s killer. The Judge tells Davis he shows promise. Later, Davis commits suicide by drug overdose and slitting his wrists. Lafayette discovers his son’s body and cries, “What have I done?”

Long Live the Queen

Teresa asks Oksana to set up meeting with her brother, Kostya. She wants to partner with the Russians to expand her operation in New York. Teresa puts on her white suit to meet with Kostya while Kelly Anne informs her she’s researching money launderers. Teresa is the Queen of the South now!

Resolving the Love Triangle

Eddie comes to Siete Gotas looking for answers. He asks Teresa to tell him the truth. She admits she is a drug dealer and she broke up with him to keep him out of danger, but confesses her love for him was real.

Readying a shipment to New York, Teresa gets a surprise visitor. James pulls in with a gunshot wound to the stomach, warning Teresa, “They’re coming for you!” And that’s where we leave things until season five!