Diosa De La Guerra
S4 episode 12 Aired on August 22, 2019

This is the last episode before the season finale and Teresa is hunting the people who killed her godson Tony. After she rules out all the other suspects in this week’s episode, there’s only one more target in her path. Find out who the last man in Teresa Mendoza’s way is in our guide to Queen of the South episode 412, “Diosa De La Guerra.” 

Who Should They Strike? 

Teresa and Pote discuss who they should go after. Teresa isn’t sure Elias or Gordo’s people killed Tony. If it was Gordo, why didn’t they go after Oksana who was also involved? If it was Elias, hijacking a shipment is one thing. Killing her godson is another.

The Judge Covers His Tracks 

Judge Lafayette orders Randall to find Victor so Teresa can’t. He also visits Visit Kelly Anne at Pote’s house where he calls a meeting with Teresa. The judge gives up Victor so that Teresa will kill him, but insists Randall goes with her for “protection.” Really he wants Randall to kill Teresa too.

At Victor’s house, Randall opens fire to start a gunfight so there can be no interrogation. Allison, Victor’s impostor nurse, flees and Teresa runs after her, ultimately killing her in a knife fight. Victor shows up but Randall shoots him before he can talk. Pote and Javier knows he jumped gun and the Judge is upset Teresa lived.

Miami Breach

Randall has one of Victor’s surviving men tell Teresa the Miami Cubans ordered the bomb. She meets George in Miami to go after Elias. They attack the Playa Glow tanning salon, Elias’s drug front, and capture Nacho. They force Nacho to call Elias.  

Teresa sets up an ambush for Elias’s men and kills them all. When they finally visit Elias, he says he did not kill Tony. Pote shoots Elias in the head but Teresa believes he wasn’t responsible for Tony. Before leaving Miami, Teresa makes a deal to provide product to all of Elias’s customers, installs Boaz to run Miami and hires Nacho for herself. 

Davis Does Good 

The Judge is giving Davis drugs to keep him sedate, but it turns out Davis is only faking it. He’s been hiding the drugs and staying alert when the Judge isn’t looking. He thinks about trying to help Emilia escape. Finally he calls Javier on Emilia’s phone and promises to show him where Emilia is.

Marcel Makes His Choice

The Judge comes to see Marcel and ask for his loyalty against Teresa. Marcel does not want to betray Teresa, and even resists when the Judge brings up Bobby’s murder. Marcel agrees to stand by the Judge, but does he mean it? 

Marcel visits his father Lucien to ask for his support in taking on the Judge. Lucien advises against it because the Judge is too powerful and connected, and it’s always been this way. Still, Marcel warns Teresa that the Judge is coming after her. Marcel commits his loyalty to Teresa, and now she knows the Judge was responsible for Tony’s death. She plans to go to war with the Judge, even if it means burning down New Orleans.