Mientras Dormías
S4 episode 11 Aired on August 15, 2019

Teresa is in a coma from the explosion that killed Tony, leaving Pote to pick up the pieces -- and glass out of her hair. He has to deal with the return of Boaz and complications from Oksana while protecting the unconscious Teresa in Queen of the South episode 411, “Mientras Dormias.”

When Tony Was Born 

A flashback shows Teresa driving Brenda to the hospital while she’s having contractions. At the hospital, there are complications. Brenda has pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure that they need to reduce. Guero comes to see Teresa outside after an ambush, but Chino isn’t with him. Guero doesn’t know where he is, since the two have split up.

Worried about the complications, Brenda says if only one of them can survive, Teresa should choose Tony. Brenda seizes and the doctors rush her into the OR. Tony is born unresponsive, but they are able to wake him.

Pote Plays the Waiting Game 

Pote is forced to make decisions while he waits for Teresa to wake up. By the time the doctor has a positive update -- the brain swelling has gone down, and Teresa no longer requires sedation -- Pote is impatient that the doctor can’t wake her faster.  Kelly Anne tries to calm Pote down, but he’s not exactly down with meditation. She simplifies the process to “trust[ing] your gut.” So he does, then makes a call to Marcel Dumas.

Killing Cousins 

Boaz arrives at the hospital with his Sinaloa gang to help. He says he’s stopping shipments and challenges Pote as boss. Javier is just as surprised to learn Boaz is in New Orleans. Marcel arrives and all three think Gordo ordered the hit on Teresa (even Oksana thinks so), never suspecting it was actually Judge Lafayette. 

Marcel also meets Boaz, who waits in Teresa’s office after leaving the hospital. Boaz’s aggression concerns Marcel, and he suggests a hit on Boaz. Pote knows Teresa wouldn’t want that, but after more time in the hospital, Pote finally trusts his gut and calls Dumas to order the hit on Boaz. 

Delivery Lost

Oksana still needs her shipment, so Pote has Chicho drive it to Atlanta. El Gordo’s nephew, Elias, hits the truck and kills the driver with a flamethrower. Chicho barely gets away, but the shipment is lost. This leaves Teresa in a bad position with Oksana, who’s ready to send her own men to step in.

Blood Cousins

When Javier returns to Siete Gotas, Boaz is waiting there to confront him about Emilia. His men hold Javier while Boaz beats him up. Boaz thinks Javier killed her, so Javier confesses he loved her, too.

Javier thinks Emilia ran away from both of them. He doesn’t know she’s dead. After the beating, Boaz cuts Javier’s hand and makes a blood pact with him to never let a woman get between them again. Boaz asserts his loyalty as Teresa’s soldado.

HMO - Hospital Murder Organization

Randall offers to post some extra security for Teresa, but Pote wisely turns him down. Randall then goes to see his hitman, Victor, to finish the job. Victor knocks out a nurse and steals her scrubs, sending Allison into the hospital. She poisons some tea for Pote, knocking him out. Kelly Anne walks in before she can poison Teresa, while Victor flees.

When Teresa finally wakes up, she decides to kill whoever killed Tony.