Lo Que Mas Temes
S4 episode 10 Aired on August 8, 2019

Teresa starts to clean house in her business, from her banker Dieter to Oksana and El Gordo. Judge Lafayette gets what he wants, for now, while Tony and Kelly Anne embark on new endeavors. Find out who wins and who loses in our guide to Queen of the South episode 410, “Lo Que Mas Temes.”

Trimming the Fat 

After sending hit man after Teresa and Tony, Gordo has become a liability. Pote cautions that hitting Gordo will complicate things with Oksana. Teresa makes the executive decision and has Marcel send his hit man after Gordo in Miami. Gordo kills all three of them and makes Marcel watch on his phone. 

In a meeting with Teresa, Oksana tries to broker a peaceful meeting between Teresa and Gordo. She found a peaceful way to deal with Cheo, so Okssana believes Teresa can do the same with Gordo. As a sign of good faith, Oksana orders double the monthly product for herself and Gordo.

Gordo, however, is ready to kill both Teresa and Oksana. So Oksana serves up Gordo to Teresa and Marcel. Marcel shoots Gordo in the head.

Bad Banker 

Judge Lafayette’s partners are ready to give him his prison if they get their $30 million, and he gives Teresa 72 hours to get the whole sum. So Teresa calls Dieter to liquidate her funds. He advises against closing the Turks and Caicos account because it’ll raise too many red flags. He can sell her Luxembourg assets at a loss.

Kelly Anne has some connections at the bank from Cole’s days, so she looks into it and finds out Dieter has been operating a Ponzi scheme, sending Teresa fake bank statements. He’s been moving money around from one client to pay off another while he steals from them. It’s time to cut Dieter out of the operation.

The Power Of Attorney

Teresa signs power of attorney to Kelly Anne to set up a a trust for Tony. Kelly Anne also poses as a new client wanting a deal with Dieter, so they can lure him to New Orleans. Dieter catches Kelly Anne in a lie about her time in rehab, but by then it’s too late for him.

Pote and Javier take out all of DIeter’s guards, and Teresa forces him to return all of her money. He has to take it from his other clients, which essentially signs his death warrant. 

Teresa puts Kelly Anne in charge of hiring a new money manager, will report directly to Kelly Anne. Lafayette does get his $30 million though and still sends Randall after Teresa.

Two Milestones For Tony

Teresa and Pote teaches Tony how to parallel park. After the lesson, Tony reveals he’d like to start going to school again, art school specifically. Pote worries that he’s missed too much class to get in, but Teresa is confident.

At the end of the episode, Teresa gives Tony the Range Rover, and intends for him to drive it to and from art school. However, when Tony turns on the ignition, it’s been wired to explode, probably a hit on a Teresa leaving Tony tragically caught in the crossfire.