Bienvenidos a Nueva Orleans
S4 episode 1 Aired on June 6, 2019

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

Teresa Mendoza sets up shop in New Orleans and meets the local gangsters, including politicians who try to shake her down. Meanwhile, she’s got to deal with a thief in Sinaloa, and she’s also discovering a new love in the Jazz Quarter. We’ve got the full story in our guide to Queen of the South episode 401, “Bienvenido a Nuevo Orleans.”

The Fast and the Glamorous

A motorcyclist wearing a sleek white riding suit and matching helmet races down the street. The driver arrives at a fancy hotel and removes the headgear: it’s Teresa Mendoza. Inside the hotel, Teresa sets two prisoners free as Poté executes two other men behind her. She then cuts the ribbon on the hotel as Poté wipes a drop of blood from her cheek. The cops arrive – in cars and helicopters -- as we cut back to the present.

Trouble in Sinaloa

Drug lords in Sinaloa are now hiding product in cacti, but it’s not all smooth. Castel visits Teresa and reveals that one of the shipments is coming up short. On the plus side, Castel pulled some strings in Mexico and Teresa is no longer wanted for murder of Vargas. Still, Castel is suspicious: Is Teresa buying stolen product from another source? Teresa insists she’s not. 

Poté thinks Boaz is stealing from shipment. Teresa calls Boaz, who denies stealing and promises to find the thief. Teresa insists he not torture anybody, but that doesn’t sit well with Boaz. He calls Javier to complain about Teresa’s restrictions -- and we learn he’s been torturing suspects anyway. Against Teresa’s wishes, Boaz shoots the suspected thief. 

Later, Tony calls Teresa, panicked that someone is trying to kill him.

Legitimate Businesswoman

Teresa shows Poté empty corporate space and reveals her plans to open legal commercial businesses. She offers Poté a restaurant. As Teresa moves towards more legitimate operations, she has her hands full with new bar, Siete Gotas.

The bar’s mixologist Birdie has an exciting specialty: the Teresita. But local bureaucrat Rene Bardot sees to it that no one can enjoy the cocktail until Teresa scores a liquor license … which requires a hefty bribe. Teresa pays and Bardot still insults Javier.

Later, Det. Randall Greene takes Teresa to see Judge Cecil Lafayette at his greenhouse to talk about the liquor licenses. Lafayette shakes her down for $10,000 more in “taxes” and gives her only two days to come up with it.

Welcoming Committee

Teresa asks about James, but Poté tells her no one has heard from him. Meanwhile, all the New Orleans locals are invading her business. Marcel Dumas visits to introduce himself with his partner, Bobby Leroux. They may be future threats, but right now Teresa’s immediate concern is Raul “El Gordo” Rodriguez

Teresa meets Raul at a cockfight, where she learns about a shipment coming in that night. King George and Javier intercept the shipment to make Raul realize he needs a partner. Raul immediately suspects Teresa, but she convinces him she wouldn’t have the nerve to rob him and then show up to meet him unarmed. (Spoiler: She does have the nerve to do exactly that.) 

Raul samples some of Teresa’s liquid cocaine and agrees to a partnership, if she can get the product to Miami within 48 hours. 

Settling In 

To make New Orleans feel more like home, Teresa gives Poté a house. But he worries that if he lives there, he’ll be too far away from Teresa to protect her. Teresa isn’t concerned: New Orleans will provide a fresh, new start.

Teresa goes to see Eddie Brucks play jazz. After his performance, Eddie tells Teresa how he converted a church into a recording studio, and how that work saved him. Saved him from what, Teresa asks? Turns out it’s a “story for another time.” Likewise, Teresa doesn’t share her crazy journey with Eddie quite yet -- although they do share a music lesson, and rekindle their romance.