El Diablo
S3 episode 9 Aired on August 16, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

After reflecting on the damage La Comisión has done to their crew, Teresa, James, and Pote hatch a plan for revenge against Pecas and La Comisión. They identify Bedoya as the weak leak and plan to use him in their plot to get Pecas. Their men break into Bedoya’s mattress factory and deliver a special product.

All Gussied Up

Teresa dresses to the nines and meets Kelly Anne at a fundraiser for Carson, who is running for state senate. Kelly Anne acts strangely, and Carson quietly suggests to Teresa the Kelly Anne might be on drugs. Teresa confronts her in the bathroom. Kelly Anne admits that she has been using, but only to offset the panic attacks resulting from her previous torture at the winery. Teresa finds a quiet moment to let Carson knows that she can help him win the election. Carson is interested enough to give her his business card.

Meanwhile, at the Governor’s mansion, Camila Vargas sees protestors reacting to the news of Kique’s death on TV. She runs to Isabela and declares that she ordered Cortez to simply kidnap Kique to draw his father out of hiding, not to kill him. Since the protesters are blaming her mother, Isabela suggests some spin control by holding a press conference allowing her to defend Camilla, as Kique had been Isabela’s fiancé.

DIY Mental Health Treatment

Later, Camila and Cortez argue about Kique’s murder, then pay a visit to King George, who is held prisoner at a Mexican mental hospital. King George strikes a deal, saying that, in return for his release from the mental hospital and the return of his second-in-command, Bilal, he will show them the locations of high-grade military weapons the US ATF has allowed to cross the Mexican border.

He suggests that if Camilla is the one to return them to the US Government, it will paint her as tough on corruption and improve her bad political reputation. Camilla agrees. After she leaves, Cortez tells King George he has already honored one of his requests. His men shuffle in a vacant-looking Bilal, dressed in a hospital gown. They have given Bilal a crude lobotomy and he is damaged beyond repair. King George vows death on Cortez.

Those Aren’t My Drugs

Back in Phoenix, James calls Teresa from their vantage point at Bedoya’s mattress factory where he and Pote are watching police conduct a raid. They tell her it’s going down now. Inside, an outraged Bedoya questions the police presence. When an officer cuts into one of the mattresses and finds several kilos of cocaine, Bedoya denies it is his, but is arrested.

Teresa then meets with James, Pote, and Sheriff Mayo in a bar to discuss the raid of the mattress factory. Mayo calls them the four horsemen of the apocalypse and asks Teresa which one she is. She acknowledges that Mayo’s men did a good job, though it is clear that she can barely stand Mayo. After Mayo leaves, Teresa tells James that the DA is on board, but we don’t yet know why.

Let’s Make a Deal

Later, outside the courthouse, a newly released Bedoya is ushered into a waiting SUV. He is surprised to find Teresa inside. She tells him she got him out. When Bedoya realizes Teresa set him up, he asks what she wants. She wants La Comisión. She tells Bedoya that he is going make it happen. Bedoya makes a call and tells La Comision that he will hand Teresa over to them, thereby setting them up to fall into Teresa’s trap. James warns Teresa that whatever she thinks, this action won’t end things, but Teresa is prepared to do whatever it takes.

Camila and Cortez meet with Castel, niece of the Colombian supplier Reynaldo Fieto, who says that her uncle is not happy. Because of Camila’s recent actions and poor reputation, his cocaine business is nearly at a standstill. Cocaine is a multi-billion-dollar industry and needs to be handled with more sophistication. Camila gets the message, but a few moments later, when Castel and Cortez leave, she sees them touch arms in an intimate way, and knows Cortez and Castel are colluding against her. Camila has Coche, Boaz’ sicario released from prison. She tells Coche that she will forgive his previous attempt on her life if he kills Cortez the following day at the press conference. Coche agrees.

Back in Phoenix, James and Pote look for Pecas at a strip club. Despite the gunfight and resulting carnage, Pecas gets away, though El Cocinero is murdered. Later, Teresa, James and Pote decided that Pecas must have been tipped off, and since Mayo was the only other one who knew about it, it must have been him.

Never Double-Cross a Double-Crosser 

Pecas and Mayo meet in a parking garage. Pecas gives Mayo several duffels of cash, payment for both safe escort out of town and the assassination of Teresa, which Mayo says he will accomplish within the week. But then Mayo uses a remote to open the parking garage door to reveal Teresa, in shadow, walking slowly toward them. Pecas realizes Mayo has double-crossed him. He tries to make a deal with Teresa, but she’s having none of it, so Pecas prepares to meet his fate. He crosses himself just before James fatally shoots him twice in the chest.

Spin Doctor Tricks

At Camila’s press conference, Camila begins speaking to an angry crowd. As Isabela prepares to take the microphone, Cortez moves slowly through the crowd and sees Cochi up to no good. Camila is relieved when Isabella begins to speak, thinking that she will spin things in Camila’s favor, but when Isabella screams that Camila is guilty, Camila takes off running through the mansion. Cortez and Cochi struggle in the crowd. Cortez turns Cochi’s knife-wielding hand back on him and stabs Cochi to death in self-defense. Cortez looks for Camila somewhere in the crowd, but she is nowhere to be found.

That night at the Phoenix safehouse, Teresa, James, and Pote meet to discuss the reopening of the vineyard and dividing La Comison’s territory with Taza. Teresa takes a phone call. It is Carson from his campaign office, asking if her if she has seen the news. Viral footage of Mayo’s inmate abuse has allowed Carson to gain a political win by fling charges against Mayo. He’s now seen as the candidate cleaning up corruption. He thanks Teresa. Later, Mayo, in a prison jumpsuit, is released into a room of angry inmates.