El Carro
S3 episode 8 Aired on August 9, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

You gotta have faith

Teresa and her group are with their newfound acquaintances at the Haken Tse Reservation. Teresa steps in and manages to convince them that if they join forces they will be unstoppable.

Blame it on me

Isabela confronts her mother about Kique’s disappearance. Camila lies and assures her daughter that she will do everything in her power to find him as she holds her in a loving embrace.

A rat on the inside

Teresa calls Homeland Security as an anonymous tipster to reveal that a Camila’s shipment is coming to Phoenix. Camila is called by Pecas, who tells her the shipment has been busted. She accuses one of Pecas’ friends in La Comisión for leaking information to Teresa. Pecas is able to deduce from the time and place that the shipment was busted that Taza is to blame. 

Pecas has a meeting with Sheriff Mayo, who is still alive and recovering from the gunshot wound from James during their last shootout. It seems he is ready to shoot back at full force. Teresa’s lookouts call to warn her they have spotted Sherriff Mayo leaving Pecas’ restaurant.

The plan

James and King George return from Mexico with the new shipment and many firearms. The group hurry to set up their plan to transport it to Phoenix. They decide to get their product over to the Phoenix market through the fastest route instead of taking the back roads. Taza is able to provide the group with nice, fast cars for their expedition to Phoenix. They strategize where everyone will be and how far apart they would be from each other to transport the product.

A revelation

The General has ordered inspection stops on every road from the border to the port to prevent Teresa from reaching her destination. Camila has arrived and is less than happy to see that the General has already taken measures without her approval. When she asks about Kique Gimenez’s situation, Cortez lies and tells her that he must have known about their plans to kidnap him and escaped with his father. While all this is happening, the General cleverly hides a tape recorder to later have evidence of Camila’s demand to kidnap Kique.

My love has turned to revenge

Isabela knows her mother is lying about Kique and confronts the General at his office demanding to know the truth. The General reveals the secret recording to Isabela, and exposes Camila’s order. Not knowing the specific detail of her mother’s wishes was not to kill Kique, she is led to believe her mother is a monster. 

The General shows Isabela Kique’s body in the trunk of a car. She’s appalled by what she thinks is Camila’s decision, and swears her mother will pay for her wicked deed.

Unsuccessfully thwarted

The transport plan begins and Pote and Taza are first in line to deceive the cops as the “rabbit car” in order to move the shipment van coming in later. But Sheriff Mayo is tipped off by a renegade member of Taza’s tribe. Mayo lies to the informant and shoots him dead after seeing that his information was correct. Pote has warned the others after realizing that the police did not try to stop him that there might be trouble lying ahead. Once the shipment truck passes, the crooked cops who had already set up a roadblock, arrest King James and his assistant at gunpoint. Teresa’s team is ready to group up and start an attack to rescue George.

When they gather around the cop cars, they start a shootout and Teresa and James hop in the van with the product to make up for lost time while the others fight. When they move out, they crash into two cop cars and the back of the van catches on fire. Teresa is driving furiously down the road to lose the cops and James asks her to pull over, unload the product and save themselves. They quickly unload the drugs from the burning van with Poté and George’s help, tossing it to the side of the road, but they are unsuccessful in unloading all of it before the van explodes.

We have the higher ground

Pecas meets with the two people Teresa sent to offer him a new deal, now that they are the only group providing drugs to the Phoenix market. Teresa asks Pecas to buy her product exclusively. She promises he will make more money and says he has 24 hours to decide and get approval from La Comisión.

However, Pecas refuses the deal and leaves a harsh message for Teresa by hurting her people. 

Turning the other cheek

Sheriff Mayo’s home is taken over by Teresa and her group and she forces him to make an alliance with her, offering him more money than Pecas in exchange for staying out of the situation. If he ever betrays her, Teresa will post a video of Mayo beating an inmate to the internet. He agrees and takes the money.

Preying on the kill

James calls Teresa from a watch-point with a sniper rifle and tells her he has eyes on Pecas, but not a clean enough shot to kill him. Teresa orders him not to shoot if he is unsure and to wait until the time is right to kill her enemy.