Reina De Espadas
S3 episode 7 Aired on August 2, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Blind with power

After Guero’s death, Teresa is acting recklessly, coming up with risky ways to do business and putting others in danger in the process. She’s mixing reality with the illusion that Guero’s still with her. James and Poté are understandably worried about Teresa and try to make her come to her senses. Her grief and business may not get along so well.

This is no time to play games. Now that Boaz is in hiding, Teresa knows that Camila and Pecas want her dead. But she won’t back down. Teresa refuses to leave Phoenix, claiming she’s earned her place and won’t let anyone take it away from her.

What’s this?

When Poté and James return to the winery, they find a wedding party inside. When they confront Kelly Anne about it, she says Teresa allowed it herself. Definitely, she’s not thinking straight.

Meanwhile, Teresa sets up a private meeting with Taza, a drug lord who is part of the Native American Comisión, to propose working with her. Her arguments are strong: her product is much more valuable and he would receive a bigger cut than the one Pecas gives him.

Family first 

Camila and Isabela are at odds with each other after Mom cancels her daughter’s wedding with Kique. Isabela won’t listen to her mother, so Camila asks General Cortez to watch over the young Vargas. Since Pecas is already hunting down Teresa, the General advises Camila they should take the time to find Boaz and eliminate him. But Camila disregards the advice -- her daughter is more important.

No use

Once Teresa returns to the winery, Poté and James confront her and try to convince her that the decisions she’s making for the business are irrational and she’s still not recovered from Guero’s death. She denies everything, turns them both down, and specifically tells James that he may leave whenever he wants.

Meanwhile, Taza talks to Pecas to question his move to hand Teresa over to Camila without consulting La Comisión. He suggests that Pecas plays nice with Teresa and waits until they can arrange a meeting to listen to what Teresa has to offer. Pecas is not happy about this and gives an order to kill her that night.

Better safe than sorry

James and Poté finally agree to set Teresa to the side and move the product on their own in order to save the business. To do so, Pote locks Teresa up in the cellar, against her will. This is for Teresa’s own protection, and the timing can’t be better, because Pecas’ sicario has already sneaked into the winery to kill her.

Locked up in that room, Teresa has visions of Guero as if he were alive. All of a sudden, she snaps out of her trance and manages to turn on a heavy piece of machinery used to carry heavy objects to ram the door down.

Killing the killer

Teresa and Kelly Anne get together and realize Pecas’ assassin is inside the winery. James and Poté come to the rescue to catch the intruder, and they do so without getting the attention of the wedding guests. In a back room, Pote and James are holding the guy down while Teresa calls Camila to say she won’t leave Phoenix. Once she hangs up, Teresa asks Poté to peel off the tattooed arm of the sicario to send Pecas a message. 

Unfortunate lovers

The General has found out from his soldiers that Isabela is still meeting KIque against her mother’s will. He informs Camila and she agrees to his kidnapping in order to bring Boaz out of hiding. But she tells Cortez that Isabela must never know about it, and Kique must not be harmed.

Kique and Isabela have planned to escape together, but the General gets to him first and warns him to leave Isabela once and for all. Kique is not scared of the General and makes the mistake of insulting him. As a result, Cortez hangs him on a wall in a warehouse and kills him cruelly with a nail gun.


Teresa, James, and Pote flee the winery and she decides to call Taza, the Native American drug lord, to tell him about the attempt against her life. He offers them shelter in his reservation, and she accepts. You won’t regret this decision, she says.