Los Enamorados
S3 episode 6 Aired on July 26, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Surprising reunion

Teresa is finally captured and imprisoned by Camila. And right next to her cage, she finds someone she hasn’t seen in a long time. It’s her long-lost husband Guero. He’s been relentlessly tortured by the General and Camila’s thugs to make him reveal Teresa’s whereabouts. But he never talked. Dirty and wearing a long, messy beard, Guero looks like he’s been there for decades. Teresa looks at him and remembers the days before she entered the underworld she lives in now. She misses that time dearly.

Guero tells her about Doctor Tomás, who had been hired by the General to keep him alive as he endured several beatings and other means of torture. Guero has a knife that the doctor smuggled for him, and there is a chance they could use it to get out of there.

Face to face

While the escape is being planned, Camila Vargas visits the prison. Finally, the Governor of Sinaloa has her enemy at her mercy… Or maybe not. Teresa warns her that if anything happens to her, a banker in the Cayman Islands will unveil the millions of dollars Camila Vargas saves in secret outside the country. It’s a clever plan, but if the Governor can’t do anything to Teresa, at least she can make her suffer by torturing Guero in front of her. Camila releases all her anger by stabbing Guero in a leg with a knife.

A toxic relationship

Camila is at home, and she just found the watch she gave Epifanio for their 25th anniversary. She can’t help but remember her past with her late husband. Bittersweet memories cloud her judgement on what to do next to Teresa. Meanwhile, Camila’s daughter has found out about their new guest in captivity, and she demands her mother to see the woman who killed her father.

A hasty escape

Teresa and Guero manage to escape their cages after killing two guards. But, as they are leaving the prison, they meet Isabela, who shows up with a gun in her hand. She’s totally out of control. Teresa tries to talk to her but Guero intervenes to forcibly take Isabela’s gun, restrain her, and toss her inside a cage.

Camila and Cortez are outside unaware of the ongoing jailbreak, while the couple sneak into a car and drive as fast as they can. General Cortez immediately understands what’s going and shoots at the vehicle, but there’s no use—Teresa and Guero manage to escape. Now they must go to the doctor’s house for him to save Guero from bleeding to death.

Fight’s not over

How did they escape? That’s the riddle Camila and Cortez are trying to solve. Camila finds Isabela inside the prison. She’s safe, but her dangerous outburst to kill Teresa will have serious consequences. Camila decides Isabela is not mature enough to get married, so she cancels her daughter’s upcoming wedding with Kique Jimenez.

Suddenly, Cortez finds a knife covered in blood inside Guero’s cage. He’s solved the mystery of the escape. There’s only one person who could have given Guero such a weapon…

A visit to the doctor

While Tomás is patching up Guero’s leg, the General arrives at the house. Teresa and Guero manage to hide in the attic, while the doctor receives Cortez and tries to drive him away without suspicion.

What the General doesn’t know is that Poté and James are already on their way to find Teresa. When they arrive, they spot Cortez from outside the house, and open fire. The General’s men fire back and a violent shootout ensues. For Teresa and Guero, this is the moment to escape, but as they are running through the crossfire, a bullet hits Guero in the back. When they get to their car, Poté and James are already inside waiting for them. Together at last, they leave. 

Gone but not forgotten

Teresa and her men are now on their way to the winery in Phoenix. Guero says hello to Poté and James. He’s in a good mood, even though he’s seriously wounded. He rests his head on Teresa’s lap and falls asleep. But he won’t wake up again. Guero dies on the drive. Teresa’s freedom has come at a price far greater than she ever imagined.