El Juicio
S3 episode 5 Aired on July 19, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Teresa’s plan is working just fine. Selling through the dark web, cutting out the middle man, and turning product into champagne were clever moves. Thirty million dollars the first month is a good start. Everything looks fine until Devon Finch appears at Perla Blanca, the winery. He’s taken Kelly Anne as a hostage and demands Mendoza show up. He has some things to talk about with her...

Who’s lying?

After the attack she suffered in the March of Widows, Governor Vargas hit back on Boaz Jimenez’s organization. As a result, Jimenez went on the run into hiding and now Camila can start spreading her own operation. But General Cortez thinks differently. He warns her about agent Loya. According to his “sources,” Loya has been secretly reinstated in the D.E.A weeks ago, and the agency’s new target is not Boaz Jimenez but Governor Vargas herself. At this point, she doesn’t know who she can trust.

What Finch wants

Back in Phoenix, Teresa meets with Devon Finch at her winery to listen to his demands. Pote is hiding in the basement while Ivan, Teresa’s tech wizard, and James are monitoring everything through a video system. Devon’s demands are clear: he wants a direct line to El Santo, Teresa’s mysterious supplier in Bolivia, and he wants James, who was working for him before he escaped to Malta, to join Teresa.

James requests a meeting with La Comisión to get some help against Finch, but La Comisión won’t go to war for them. Teresa and James brought all this trouble unto themselves, and now they are on their own.

Let’s go swimming

Negotiation is taking too long for Devon and he’s not getting what he wants. The emergency number Teresa gives him to contact El Santo is not working, and he’s has no news from James. It´s time to speed up the pace.

He decides to waterboard Kelly Anne in front of Teresa: “Give me a line to your supplier or your friend’s gone.” Suddenly, James enters the restaurant, preventing them from killing the poor girl. Things are moving faster now for Devon.

Buying time

Devon agrees to leave Teresa and Kelly Anne alone, but he’s taking James with him. However, Teresa won’t let him do it -- not without a fight. At this point, Devon Finch reveals what really happened back in Texas when Finch ordered James to kill that family (he had told Teresa he didn’t kill them). James not only killed the guy but also his wife… and even worse, a little girl died too in an explosion.

Is Teresa willing to risk her life and her entire operation for a murderer that lied to her face? Apparently not…

Family business

Pote escapes from the winery and gets to his car. He opens the trunk and grabs grenades and a big machine gun to confront Devon and rescue Teresa Mendoza. But Devon’s hitmen spot him outside the winery. They don’t open fire but they are pointing their guns… and so is he.

At a brief distraction, Teresa manages to get a couple of hidden guns and tosses one to James. She won’t let Finch take James away. Now, what happens outside happens inside too. Enemies are pointing guns at each other, and nobody shoots a bullet, but any mistake, any sudden movement, and they’ll pay with their lives.

Suddenly, a cellphone rings. It’s a video call from Chaparra, Teresa’s local contact, who is in a church with Devon’s mother. Ivan was able to find her through the internet and now Chaparra Gutierrez won’t hesitate to kill Finch’s mother if he dares to move a finger against Teresa or James.

He doesn’t, of course.

Peace never lasts

James is sorry about lying to Teresa and wants to leave her. He is visibly traumatized because of what happened with that little girl he killed by accident. But Teresa understands. He doesn’t have to go. She holds his hand. They start kissing. They make love. Their connection is deeper than anyone thought.

But peace never lasts for Teresa Mendoza. While driving in a solitary road, she feels a flat tire, and when she gets out of the car to check it out, hitmen show up and surround the Queen of the South. Teresa understands immediately what’s happening: they’ll take her to Camila Vargas. Without hesitation, she gets in the hitmen’s van herself. “Let’s get this over with,” she says.