La Fuerza
S3 episode 4 Aired on July 12, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

New town, new rules

After rescuing them in Malta, James is driving Teresa Mendoza and Pote to their new place in Phoenix. But first they stop by a diner to get a coffee. James wants them to see for themselves how the police deal with illegals and “crime” in Arizona. All of a sudden, Sheriff Mayo enters, nailing a poor dishwasher. So, this is the guy they’ll be dealing with? 

Once in their new house, James briefs Teresa about the local operations. She has a plan already: sell through the dark web and get paid in cryptocurrency. The problem is the threat of local mobs. The entire state is controlled by a group of narcos, La Comisión, and nothing comes in or out without their blessing -- that’s the deal La Comisión made with Sheriff Mayo. Just seven miles away from their den, there’s mass grave of dealers who tried to do business without La Comisión’s approval.

A bold move

Camila is obsessed with Teresa Mendoza. She is even having violent nightmares about her. The D.E.A. has lost track of Teresa since Malta, and Camila Vargas demands answers from her secret contact, Agent Loya. There’s not a lot he can do, but Camila decides to give him some sensual motivation. And he seems pleased. 

Back in Phoenix, La Comisión receives Teresa in an abandoned casino. They want to know why a woman with a $10 million bounty on her head wants to meet them. The local mobs are not interested in her business offer, unless she brings something new to the table… something like taking down Sheriff Mayo…

A rat in Boaz’s operation

Boaz’s shipment has been seized by the D.E.A., and it contains not only Colombian cocaine, but also Mexican heroine. Camila is confident she can use that to take Boaz out of business. But the Colombians are concerned about a certain rat inside his operation, not about the failed shipment. They’re still on Boaz’s side.

Later, General Cortez resumes his treacherous plan and visits Boaz to tell him everything about Camila’s moves and her partnership with Detective Loya. 

Sheriff Mayo’s town

Teresa plans to take care of Mayo by leaking a video that shows him torturing an immigrant. She sends the footage to a local reporter named Sam Espinoza who has been after the sheriff for years. Espinoza needs some strong proof against Mayo, and now he’s got it. 

But the plan goes wrong. Sheriff Mayo stops Teresa and James on the road and takes them to a remote wasteland. He has a surprise for them; Espinoza is tied up inside a trunk, so Mayo takes him out of it and kills him in front of them. As a last-ditch effort, James offers to double Teresa’s bribe for Mayo. The evil police man is just too greedy to ignore the offer.

Blood and power

In Sinaloa, Camila and Isabela join “La Marcha de las Viudas”, a public protest led by women whose husbands were killed by narcos. It’s a dark night and a mysterious man, disguised as a priest, stabs the woman holding Epifanio Vargas’ portrait. The killer tries to run away, but Cortez stops him at gunpoint. Screaming and crying, Isabela runs to assist her mother, but when she removes her veil, she sees it’s not Camila, but a double hired by the General.

Meanwhile, in a secluded place in Phoenix, Pote waits for Mayo with a bag full of money. The plan is simple: James will take the sheriff down with sniper rifle in the middle of the transaction. But his target moves unexpectedly, and James can’t find a clean shot.

Everything goes to hell when Mayo’s men find that the money in the bag is fake. At that moment, Pote opens fire but he gets injured too. Teresa runs away, and Mayo follows her. It seems to be the end of the Queen of South, but James gets a clear view of his target and takes down Mayo with his riffle.

Dealing cards again

After the sicario's attack, Camila has a good reason to take care of Boaz -- and she’s sure the Colombians won’t interfere. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, La Comisión pays a visit to Teresa’s winery, her new headquarters. It was found for her by Kelly Ann, Van Awken’s widow, who reappears in Teresa’s life -- although she’s not blonde anymore and her name is Priscilla now! La Comisión gives Teresa the news: Sheriff Mayo is not dead, but he is in a coma and there’s no chance he will recover. Now that she’s proven she can be trusted, Teresa’s operation is allowed in Arizona. But can she trust in La Comisión?