Reina de Oros
S3 episode 3 Aired on July 5, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

It’s been two days since Pote took a brutal beating that left him unconscious. When he wakes up, Teresa is there by his side. The people who tortured him will pay for it, he promises, but James lets him know they are already dead. As soon as Pote hears his voice, he wants to get out of that bed and kill him, but Teresa asks him to take it easy -- now James is part of her team too. Besides, she’ll need them sound and healthy for a decisive meeting she’ll have with Rocco de la Peña.

Risky business

The next day, Teresa, James, and Pote enter a Maltese bank where De la Peña is waiting for them. All this stuff about cryptocurrency is really complicated, so Rocco takes his time to explain, step by step, how his business works. As soon as Teresa understands how her money will get clean as cryptocurrency, she makes her first transaction: paying $3 million to El Santo. And in just a matter of seconds, El Santo gets his money. It’s that easy! And if, by any chance, Teresa wants to withdraw her money, all she has to do is store it in a hard drive. Teresa is finally ready to deposit all her money -- $20 million -- in De la Peña’s bank. Done deal. “Welcome to the new world,” he says.

Camila’s desperation

Camila Vargas has lost another fight. Teresa Mendoza is not only alive but also protected by Rocco de la Peña. Killing her is becoming an obsession. General Cortez advises her to calm down and focus in Boaz Jimenez, her nearest enemy, but nothing will make Camila change her mind. Suddenly, from her car, she spots a stray dog that looks mysteriously at her. That’s the only thing that distracts her murdering thoughts for a moment.

It’s time for a new plan, and agent Alonzo Loya could make it happen. So, they meet to talk about it. All Loya has to do is catch Teresa in Malta and bring her back to Mexico -- Camila will do the rest. To make things easy for Loya, she gives him the same book that put Teresa in her life months before. The information in that book could make Teresa fall faster. 

Party time 

The deal with De la Peña is a big step for Teresa’s operation. It’s time to celebrate, so she and her men are having some drinks at Rocco’s flashy nightclub. Some girls are dancing under red lights, but Teresa notices something wrong: one of them looks in terrible shape. She’s stumbling and some scars on her back suggest she’s been abused. Teresa follows the girl backstage and when she finds her, she confirms her suspicion. The girl tells Teresa she is a slave in De la Peña’s organization.

Not too long ago, Teresa had been a captive too, and now she feels she must do something to change this woman’s fate. Not right now, though. Teresa promises the woman she’ll set her free the next day, before she and other captives are sent away in one of Rocco’s ships.

The right thing to do

Pote and James don’t like Teresa’s plans to rescue the women, but she insists. This is what she meant when she said there are different ways to do business. But she’s taking a big risk. Teresa is planning to hit De la Peña, the same man who’s keeping all her fortune. He could hit her back way harder. The good news is Teresa, James, and Pote are not alone. The flamboyant King George and his gang of Somali gangsters are going to help.

However, George is also not convinced that Teresa’s plan is going to work. He knows De la Peña is a blood-thirsty psychopath and it’s better not to mess with him. If she wants to do this, she must take first all her money out of Rocco’s bank. And that’s exactly what she’ll do next.

The rescue

The teller who receives Teresa in the bank doesn’t understand why her client wants to withdraw all the money she deposited just the day before. Teresa is in a hurry, because the ship with the captives is ready to sail away. King George and his men are just waiting for Teresa’s order to execute the rescue mission, and they must act fast! Teresa still doesn’t get her money back, but she has no other choice than giving the go-ahead. “Get the girls,” she tells George on the phone.

Meanwhile, Rocco de la Peña is informed about Teresa’s unexpected visit to the bank. He’s not worried at all, but not for long: he gets the news that his slave ship is under attack! De la Peña connects the dots in a heartbeat. Teresa Mendoza is behind it. 

King George and his Somalis charge against Rocco’s people at the port. Several men die in the crossfire while the captives hear the commotion from inside a dark container. Minutes later, George opens the container and welcomes the girls back to freedom. There’s no time to lose. De la Peña must be already on his way to join the battle, so the girls get in George’s big van and head to a small airport nearby. There, a plane will be waiting for them.

Trouble in the bank 

Teresa is in the vault with the bank’s attendant while Pote and James wait for her in the lobby. All of a sudden, the bank doors close abruptly, and a noisy alarm says they are in trouble. Teresa is finally holding the hard drive with all her money in it, but the vault doors get shut, too. Rocco has given the order: Teresa and her money can’t leave the bank. With a knife in her hand, the attendant demands Teresa to give her back the hard drive… but if she wants it, she’ll have to fight for it! Both women start a furious brawl inside the vault, which ends with the banker dead.

But even more trouble awaits Teresa outside the vault, where she finds Pote and James in the middle of a shootout. One by one, the two sicarios kill the bank guards and finally escape with Teresa to meet George and the free slaves at the airport. 

As the girls get in the plane, Rocco de la Peña and his gang of women arrive and one more time Teresa and her team must confront the enemy. However, King George has a better plan. He takes out a bazooka and, with just one shot, ends the fight for good. 

Goodbye, Malta

Teresa, her men, and the girls she just helped out of captivity finally rest in silence inside the plane. They are flying out of Malta, looking for a new beginning. Teresa hears her phone ring. It’s Rocco, just to say goodbye and to let her know they are enemies now. That’s the price she pays for doing things differently. 

Now Rocco and Camila have something in common. That’s why she calls him. If they put their disagreements aside, she says, they can defeat Teresa Mendoza. Together. De la Peña agrees to the plan. As soon as they hang up, Camila Vargas is in the backseat of her limousine and notices something has stopped the traffic. A car just ran over a dog, the same mysterious one she saw hours before. So, she gets out of her car, approaches the animal, and kneels in front of it to touch its dying body. “You won’t defeat me, Teresa,” she says. “Everything you build, I will destroy.”