El Colgado
S3 episode 2 Aired on June 28, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Teresa had to choose between death and escaping with James, so she had no other choice than teaming up with a man she considers a traitor. Well, that “traitor” is really saving her life right now, swerving through the streets of Malta, followed by a caravan of hitmen armed with machine guns aiming at Teresa. He runs like a real speed racer and manages to escape with her! 

The chase is over, but Teresa demands to know what James is doing there. He says enough—he says he’s not working for Camila. That’s good news for Teresa but she still won’t trust him. So, she strips James off his guns, forces him to tie himself up, and puts him in the drunk. For now, Teresa feels safer that way. 

Behind Camila’s back

Boaz Jimenez and General Cortez meet at a bullfight to talk about that business Cortez proposed the day before. It’s heroine. He has providers in Tamaulipas and both of them can benefit from selling it. The key is leaving Camila out of the picture, which sounds just good to Boaz. Now, he and Cortez are partners.

Meanwhile, Governor Camila Vargas is about to open an orphanage in Sinaloa. Everything is almost ready for the inauguration and she looks happy, but her daughter, Isabela, knows her mother’s good mood responds to something else: Camila’s men have found Teresa and they’ll kill her that very day. Now Isabela looks happy, too. 

Pote won’t say a word

Teresa arrives to her secret hideaway and calls Pote to tell him about James’ return. Pote does not trust him either, so he’s pleased to hear James is tied up inside a trunk. Pote gets ready to join Teresa, but something unexpected ruins his plans. A couple of masked men with guns stop him at the door. It’s Camila’s men, and they want to find out Teresa’s whereabouts. 

The hitmen tie Pote to a chair and torture him to get that precious information. But he says nothing. He’d rather die than betray Teresa. When she calls again, the torturers force him to tell her she must go to the city port. It’s a trap to kill her. But tricking the Queen of the South is not easy at all. She knows Pote is hiding something, but most importantly: she knows her friend is in trouble.

The sicarios visit

Right after she hangs up with Pote, two scary men arrive at Teresa’s hideaway. They are holding guns and looking for her. Teresa doesn’t know how to escape. The men get in the building. It’s really dark inside, but soon enough they spot Teresa and open fire. She shoots back and runs, but finally she’s cornered by one of the assassins.

“You are a legend,” he says. “You are the woman who killed Epifanio Vargas, and now I’ll kill you.” But before he pulls the trigger, James jumps in through a window and stops the sicario. They fight furiously while Teresa picks up a gun and kills the guy with just one shot. How did that happen? While in the trunk, James heard the hitmen arrive, and he desperately broke free from the cable tie, got out of the trunk and not only saved Teresa’s life one more time —he also proved he’s really on her side. 

Danger’s not over

Teresa and James are safe, but only for a moment, because the Maltese police has just arrived at the scene. Her only choice is calling Rocco de la Peña, who has contacts everywhere in Malta, even in the police department. The officers stop Teresa and James while trying to escape and put them in a car. However, they are not going to the police station. Instead, they stop in a dark alley, where De la Peña is waiting for them. 

Teresa’s plan did work out. However, Rocco was also working for Camila, so he calls her to give her the good news of Teresa’s capture. Camila finally caught her husband’s murderer and she’ll have her revenge… Or so she thought. De la Peña has decided to protect Teresa Mendoza in Malta. “Get out of my island,” he tells Camila. The Queen of the South has escaped death once again. 

Cortez and Boaz team up

General Cortez visits Boaz with a little surprise. It’s a briefcase full of cash. Boaz can’t believe his eyes. But it’s true: Cortez is paying him for their first load of heroine, so they make a toast to a prosperous business, away from Camila Vargas and Reynaldo Feito. For Cortez, this is just the beginning of Camila’s demise. Sooner or later, he says, he’ll kill her. 

Welcome back, James 

First thing Teresa does now that she’s safe if go looking for Pote. She and James arrive at his house and find him on the floor, unconscious and covered in blood. His attackers not only left him in the brink off death. They also broke his right hand, the one Pote uses to shoot his weapons.

As soon as Pote feels Teresa’s hand touching him, he jumps in fear. Teresa holds his friend, who cries in relief. Pote was savagely beaten but he didn’t say a word about Teresa. And he’ll recover. 

After an extremely intense day, Teresa needs to know exactly what James is doing there. So, he tells his story. After working for Camila, he went to work for Devon Finch. His last assignment was killing a man named Mark. Finch thought this guy had robbed him, but before acting up James needed proof that his victim was actually guilty. All evidences indicated Mark was innocent. He seemed to be a kind-hearted family man, but Finch ordered his death anyway.

James and Mark had become friends. In fact, James was a guest staying in his victim’s house. During the night, James found Mark and strangled him in the dark when Mark’s little daughter showed up and witnessed that horrific scene. That was James’ breaking point. That’s not a way to live, he thought, and that’s why he left everything behind to find Teresa, a woman who promised him there are better ways to run the drug trafficking business.

Teresa is moved by James’ story, and finally lets him in her organization, but on one condition: this is not a partnership. Now, she is the boss and James works for her. He agrees, although there’s really no way to know if Teresa will really do things differently in the dangerous world she’s living in now.