El Mundo
S3 episode 13 Aired on September 13, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Now that Teresa and her crew finally have a new supplier, they must work out a few kinks in the system to take over the Sinaloa to Phoenix corridor. The first order of business is Cortez, who is holding Camila hostage while also concocting a plan to kill Teresa. 

Teresa and Taza Make a Friendly Business Deal over a Truckload of Coke

We pick up where we left off in Episode 12, with everyone on God’s green Earth agreeing that Cortez needs to die. While overseeing a drug shipment coming through Taza’s reservation, Teresa offers Taza double pay on the regular if Taza gets out of Phoenix within five years. Taza agrees, then gives Teresa a gentle reminder of how dangerous Cortez is. Then Teresa checks in on the mental state of King George, who recently buried Balal, and King George is clearly a little PTSD from his experiences in the Mexican mental hospital. He means it when he says Cortez needs to die.

Castel and Teresa Make a Tentative Business Deal over and Ambush of SUVs

While driving back from their deal, Teresa, King George and Pote are surrounded by several SUVs and are forced to pull over. Castel gets out and announces that the deal Teresa made with her uncle Reynaldo isn’t going to fly. Reynaldo and Camila are dinosaurs and doing deals the old way. Camila and Teresa are the future of business, and oh yeah, Cortez is planning an ambush against Teresa. He should probably die.

Following the Dot

Meanwhile, James and Javier Jiminez drive around near Culiacan, following a GPS tracker placed inside Camila’s bracelet, hoping on a longshot to find Cortez. Camila has been brought to Cortez and is being held captive. Javier and James find Cortez’s hideout and stake it out. They find him, and agree that he needs to die, but they must wait for Teresa’s orders.

Inside the hideout, an angry Isabella quietly confronts Camila in the kitchen. Cortez helps Isabella raise a gun to her mother’s head, reminding her that Camila ordered Kique’s death. He is clearly goading Isabella to kill her mother. Camila drops to her knees, and prepares to be shot in the head, but even Isabella thinks Cortez needs to die. She quickly turns and points the gun at Cortez. She fires. Click. The chamber is empty. No one can kill this guy. Cortez loads the gun and turns it on Camila and Isabella. Camila stands in front of Isabella and says Cortez will have to go through her first, then reminds Cortez that if she is harmed, Reynaldo will blame Cortez. Cortez turns away.

Hefty Pallets of Cocaine

Pote and Teresa reflect on their meeting with Castel while unloading the pallets of product. They decide it was weird that Castel warned them about Cortez’s intentions to kill Camila. They assume she wants something more than to keep Teresa moving product in Phoenix. Then they discover that one of the pallets is nine kilos too heavy. No one would do that. The realize there is a bomb planted in the pallet just in time. Boom! Or do they? 

Let’s Do This Trojan Horse Thing

When Javier and James hear that Cortez planted a bomb in the shipment, they know they need to attack Cortez at his hideout right away. Inside, Cortez blows a gasket when he hears Teresa survived the bombing. We know why everyone wants this guy dead. He’s just not nice. He and orders Teresa dead immediately and his minion, back at the bombing aftermath, starts shooting at Teresa and Pote, but then is hit by an 18-wheeler and killed. At the same time, in Mexico, James rigs a truck to auto drive into Cortez’s encampment, creating a distraction. When the truck blows up and breaches the encampment, James, Javier and their soldiers attack. Cortez evacuates Isabella and Camila to Reynaldo’s. Cortez is wounded in the ambush and is surrounded by James and Javier. They capture Cortez and bring him to Teresa in Phoenix. 

Torture Pinata

Cortez is hung by the arms in a garage and tortured a bit before Teresa tells him he won’t leave there alive. He already knows. She offers him a bullet, but he doesn’t take the easy way out. His screams echo through the garage as Teresa walks away. Boaz and King George, who have it out for Cortez, opt for the chainsaw method. Finally. Things get ugly and Cortez gets his.

In Mexico, Isabella agrees to cross the border to safety in the States while Camila finishes what she started with Teresa. They both agree that they will always be looking over their shoulders as long as Teresa is alive. Reynaldo calls and they take satisfaction in knowing that they can now enact their plan to kill Teresa.

Unexpected Allies

Castel calls to tell Teresa that Camila is close and is planning to kill Teresa. She arranges a meeting in the woods between the two women. Castel says that her uncle Reynaldo thinks Camila is going to a safe house, but she will handle him. She tells Teresa to finish it, then walks away. Teresa is given a handgun to contemplate. Camila arrogantly tells Teresa that Teresa is her greatest accomplishment, and that they are exactly alike. Teresa disagrees and proves it by not killing Camila. She banishes her to exile, and says she better not ever see her again if she wants Isabella to live. Camila walks away unharmed, yet clearly defeated.

She’s Going to Miss Him

Back at the safe house, James tells Teresa he is leaving. They say goodbye. Privately, Javier says he might stick around to replace James. James meets Devon Finch and agrees to surrender to him to keep Teresa safe from the CIA. He surrenders his gun and gets into Finch’s car and we have no idea what will happen to him. While Camila drives away into the night, Reynaldo is murdered in his hospital bed and Castel is notified of this. Teresa and her crew gear up for a booming of business now that they have a new supplier and the corridor between Sinaloa and Phoenix is theirs. And finally, Cortez is dead.