S3 episode 12 Aired on September 6, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Since El Santo’s death, Teresa, Pote and James have been struggling to line up a new supplier. Teresa realizes that she must make a deal with Camila, whom she despises, if she is going to get a supplier and keep her business afloat. In exchange for a supplier, Camila wants Teresa to kill Cortez. So does everyone else, it seems. 

Making a Deal with the Red Devil

Teresa is getting desperate for a supplier after Oleg, her European distributor, refuses to give her his own supplier connection, citing Malta as a reason. Out of options, Teresa reluctantly agrees to meet with Camila, because, as Pote says, Teresa is safer with Camila under her thumb. Camila, reaching desperation herself, realizes that the only good thing in her life is her daughter Isabella, but Cortez has turned Isabella against her. She realizes that Cortez must die. Camila tells Teresa she will set up a meeting with a Columbian supplier, Reynaldo, if in return, Teresa agrees to kill Cortez. Both reluctantly agree to the deal because they are out of options, neither trusting the other. 

Don’t Drink the Wine

Cortez has a luncheon with Castel at the governor’s mansion. Near the end of the meal, Castel mentions that her uncle Reynaldo is getting medical testing done in the US but is still interested in doing business, with Cortez in charge of Mexico. Although this should be good news, Cortez gulps and sweats profusely, clearly trying to hide his physical discomfort. He sips his wine and feels worse. As soon as Castel leaves, Cortez collapses. He has been poisoned. Later, after Cortez recovers, he confronts his staff, demanding a confession. No one cracks. He shoots one of his soldiers in the head to intimidate the rest to confess. As he is about to shoot a young cook, Camila’s maid speaks up and confesses that the staff is loyal to Camila, who has always treated them well, while Cortez has treated them badly. She doesn’t quite confess, but Cortez forces the poisoned wine down her throat anyway. Cortez then orders his security detail doubled. Ya think?

Better Living Through Dirty Scheming

Back in Phoenix, Camila takes Teresa to meet Reynaldo in the American hospital, where he is recovering from a health scare. Reynaldo appears fine, though he does admit that his niece, Castel, would love for him to retire so she could take over the family business. Reynaldo also admits that he was surprised by the offer of doing business with Teresa, who has killed some of his friends, but he is willing to overlook the past because he, too, wants Cortez dead. Reynaldo makes Teresa promise to never harm Camila. Teresa agrees, but Camila privately tells Reynaldo that she expects Teresa will not honor that promise. Camila promises Reynaldo that she will not go down without a fight.

King George is the Target Again, But This Time, for a Jailbreak

Camila admits to Teresa that though she did not kill King George, who has been missing, she has been keeping him locked up in a Mexican mental hospital. Teresa knows George has a giant weapons cache hidden somewhere, and they might need it to take down Cortez. Camila shares the location, then Teresa admits that, though she has promised to not harm Camila, she has not promised to give her freedom. Camila is resigned to this. 

Meanwhile, James, who has been following the movement of Cortez on the wire, discovers that Cortez has left the Governor’s mansion and is holing up with dozens of his best soldiers and a huge supply of weapons in expectation of Camila’s retaliation. Teresa, James and Pote realize it will be close to impossible to reach Cortez with the hardening he has done to his compound. They will need an arsenal in order to properly attack Cortez. They definitely need King George now, but they also need Javier Jiminez, Boaz’s cousin, the leader of the death squad out of Juarez. This does not excite James, but Javier loves the idea. He also wants Cortez dead.

Everyone’s Out for Cortez

James reluctantly agrees to work with Javier to break King George out of the mental hospital in Mexico.  Before they get there, Teresa tries to convince James to stay with the operation. She wants him to run Phoenix. He says he’ll think about it. In Mexico, Teresa meets with Boaz, who, you guessed it, also wants Cortez dead. Boaz confesses that he is reeling from Kike’s death, and is barely scraping by with a local heroin business. If Teresa gets revenge on Kike’s death by killing Cortez, he will do whatever she wants. Teresa wants him to run the Mexican operation.

Later, a paranoid Cortez sets up Isabella with a wine toast, testing to see if she will be reluctant to drink it. She passes the test and he knows she is not the one who poisoned him.

Operations go badly at the mental hospital while trying to spring King George. There is a trap. Cortez sent soldiers in advance of the jailbreak and there is shooting everywhere. George is not in his cell, so they grab a catatonic Balal, James saves Javier’s life, but Balal is shot and not expected to recover. Cortez has King George.

Camila and Teresa Once Again

Camila suggests that the trap was for her and not for Teresa. Camila admits that she has protected Teresa in the past. She does not know where Cortez and George are, but they both suspect that Cortez has King George. Teresa looks at Camila and recognizes she happens to have something of value to Cortez. Teresa calls Cortez to make a deal. She gives Camila to Cortez in exchange for King George. Because Teresa promised Reynaldo she would not harm Camila,

Cortez promises no harm will come to hear either, but will this happen? Come on, it’s Cortez. What do you think?